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Improving Your Cash Management with 07 2007. Solution Defined Deposit Express provides an innovative way to make deposits remotely and is now available.

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1 Improving Your Cash Management with 07 2007

2 Solution Defined Deposit Express provides an innovative way to make deposits remotely and is now available for our corporate customers. This product gives you the ability to endorse, scan and electronically transmit checking account deposits directly to the bank.

3 Overview Deposit Express - eliminates the need for you to physically deliver your checking account deposits to the bank. You will be able to endorse and scan checks for deposit in the privacy and convenience of your place of business, then electronically transmit the deposit directly to the banks check clearing facility. Deposited check files are received by our bank, immediately validated and entered into the check collection process - accelerating your funds availability and eliminating any transportation delays and their associated costs.

4 Basic Workflow Customer Your Business Endorses & Scans Checks Your Customers Write the checks Check Images for Deposit Transmitted Bank emails Deposit Receipt IRDs Printed Intermediary or FED Check Writers Bank Your Business Stores Checks

5 Customer Advantages Make deposits from your place of business No time away from your office for bank trips No waiting in line at the bank to make deposits Faster clearing of your deposited funds Transmit deposits anytime, day or night Integrated state-of-the-art security Automated input to your Accounts Receivable

6 Bank Services Expands our commercial services offering Facilitates single bank relationship Provides immediate research of deposited items

7 Features & Functionality State-of-the-art Security to Restore, Correct and Re-Send Files Process multiple checking deposits from multiple locations Single line message text Grayscale capture front & back of check You select the depository account from a drop down menu screen Option to use recognition software to capture the amount of each check - reduces data entry

8 Pricing In addition to our standard deposit and check clearing fees, there may be additional fees. Please contact your bank Relationship Manager for details.

9 A case for buying… Some of our commercial customers tell us… I send all my deposits to the bank via courier. I have to maintain multiple bank relationships because your bank does not have a branch near all of our locations. I am using a night depository or I am holding these large dollar deposits until the next business day for deposit. We are able to eliminate ALL of these concerns!

10 Frequently Asked Questions Q Am I limited to the number of deposits that can be sent through Deposit Express? A There is no limit… deposit files can be transmitted to the bank anytime, day or night. A single deposit file can contain up to 250 items. QWho will warehouse the original items? AYou are responsible for the safekeeping and proper destruction of the original items that were deposited. You will have the image copy of all deposits. Q Is there a risk in presenting a substitute document in lieu of the original? A Substitute documents are currently used for the presentment of mutilated or lost checks. Check 21 fully endorses the use of a Image Replacement Document (IRD) in lieu of the original item. Customer disclosures can be used to help mitigate this risk.

11 Customer Requirements You will need hardware and software: Check scanner PC with Windows 2000 or higher with internet access (high speed recommended) Software is provided on a CD by the bank Required documents include: Electronic Check Deposit Services Agreement Fast Deposit set up form Return Item Instructions You will need: Corporate DDA account with the bank Provisions to safeguard and/or destroy the original checks Consult with your legal counsel regarding check retention schedules and any of your retail customer disclosure requirements.

12 Customer Need to Know Your risk level is no higher than it is today. Here are a few things to think about: Duplicate deposits (system safeguards in place) Duplicate check presentment (system safeguards in place) Original checks are not properly safeguarded and/or destroyed Check 21 - Checks can be returned because they do not comply with IRD specifications Image quality No endorsement

13 Notes to Remember Freedom Bank has opened the door for serving you anywhere, day or night. Deposit Express is an excellent tool for you to consolidate your banking relationship. Proven winner! It is being used by many commercial accounts since January 2004.

14 Available Tools We make doing business easy! Contact us for: Product information Customer agreements Scanner order forms Sample reports Product updates

15 Questions ?

16 Thank You

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