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Scientific Method Vocabulary. Biology: The study of life and living things.

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1 Scientific Method Vocabulary

2 Biology: The study of life and living things.

3 Control The part of an experiment in which conditions are kept constant; something used to make comparisons. A part of an experiment that is kept the same. That way you can compare it to the part of the experiment that you do change. Example: You are testing fertilizers to see which one is the best. You give plants different types of fertilizers but some plants do not get the fertilizer. The plants that do not get the fertilizers are the control group. They are used to compare growth against the plants that got the fertilizer.

4 Experiment A special kind of test to get information

5 Hypothesis A possible answer to a scientific question. An educated guess. Example: I want to run faster. I take an educated guess and think that if I eat better, I will become a faster runner. Hypothesis: eating better = faster runner

6 Law A theory that has passed many tests and is believed to be true. Example: the law of gravity.

7 Observation Finding out about something using your five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. You can observe color, temperature, weight, sweetness, volume, mass, etc. Good scientists use all their senses during experiments to gather as much information as possible.

8 Prediction State the result we think will happen. Relates to our hypothesis.

9 Scientific Method A set of steps used to find answers to questions. Steps of the scientific method: Ask a question--> gather information --> form a hypothesis --> test your hypothesis--> draw conclusions --> Repeat the process if necessary.

10 Theory An idea that explains something based on repeated scientific observations and experiments. A theory is an idea or principle that has been tested by many scientists over a period of time. It is on it's way to becoming a fact if it is not disproven. Example: Theory of evolution

11 Variable any part or factor that can change the outcome of an experiment. Any part of an experiment that you change or is changed during the experiment. Variable means "change"

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