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Talbot Primary School. Year 2 SATs Presentation..

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1 Talbot Primary School. Year 2 SATs Presentation.

2 What are SATs? • SATs are a mixture of standard tests, tasks and teacher assessment. • In all state schools, SATs are implemented at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2. • Children are assessed in reading, writing, speaking and listening, mathematics and science. • The emphasis is on teacher judgement;

3 • Teacher assessment is on-going throughout the year.
• Teacher assessment enables staff to track children’s progress through their school life. • The SATs tests and tasks are implemented in the Summer one half term to inform final teacher judgements.

4 Teacher Assessment. VERY IMPORTANT!
• Teacher assessment carries as much weight as the test and task results when assigning levels. • The tests and tasks support, and should be a reflection of, the level attained by children on a regular basis in class.

5 When will they happen? • Tests and tasks will take place during the Summer one half term. They will be spread out over the half term. • The tests and tasks will be part of the normal timetable. • All SATs related activities will be complete by the middle of June.

6 Levels achieved in Year 2 SATs.
• There is a set of benchmark standards that measure children’s progress through Key Stages 1 and 2. • The National Curriculum identifies 7 levels and sets out the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to demonstrate each level.

7 • At the end of Key Stage 1, the national expectation is that pupils have progressed to reach level 2b. Children will be awarded a level for the different parts of each subject (reading, writing, speaking and listening, mathematics and science) • The levels awarded can be: 1 2c 2b 2a 3 • Level 3 is also split into sub-levels.

8 Literacy tests. • Any child judged to be working at a level 2c or above will complete: • A reading comprehension paper comprising of a fiction and non-fiction text • A spelling test • A long writing task • A short writing task

9 Mathematics tests. • Any child judged to be working at a level 2c or above will complete a mathematics paper, including a short mental test.

10 Children working towards a 2c.
• Children who are judged to be working towards a level 2c will work in a 1-to-1 situation to complete a separate reading and mathematics task. • Reading: the children will be asked to read a section of text and they will be assessed on their fluency, accuracy and verbal comprehension. • Mathematics: the children will either complete short mathematical challenges where they will be assessed on their understanding and core maths skills. Some children will complete a level 2 maths paper with an adult reading certain parts of the paper to them. The children will still sit the same spelling and writing tasks.

11 Children working above level 2.
• Children assessed by the teacher to be working above level 2a in reading and maths will be given a level 3 paper in both of these areas of the curriculum. • The timings of the level 3 papers are the same as that of a level 2 paper. • For the level 3 reading paper, the children will have separate booklets; one fiction text and one non-fiction text to read and one booklet where they record their answers. The reading paper will be conducted over a whole morning, enabling all children to have a rest between the fiction and non-fiction sections.

12 Reporting. • We only report teacher assessment results to the Local Authority as the tests and tasks are used to inform our teacher assessments. • Parents will receive an information sheet that contains details of the teacher assessment results with the end of year report.

13 What can you do? • What you are already doing!
• Regular times tables practice. • Daily reading, answering comprehension questions about the text. • Spelling practice (particularly tricky and high frequency words) • Play word and number games. • Practise telling the time, counting real money, weighing and measuring.

14 Any questions?

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