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Teacher Assessment at the end of Key Stage 1

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1 Teacher Assessment at the end of Key Stage 1
KS1 SATS 2015 Teacher Assessment at the end of Key Stage 1

2 What do teachers have to assess?
At the end of KS1 it is a legal requirement for teachers to asses each child in their class. The assessments take the form of tests, tasks and teacher assessment throughout the year. Teachers FIRST have to determine: an overall level for reading an overall level for writing an overall level for speaking and listening an overall subject level for maths an overall subject level for science The overall levels can be L1,2,or 3

3 Refining judgements Speaking & Listening stays at an overall level: L1,2 or 3 Science stays at an overall level;L1,2,or L3

4 Reading Where teachers reach a Level 2 judgement for reading , they then consider whether the performance is just into level 2, securely at L2 or at the top end of L2. The judgement is then 2C,2B or 2A. If child reaches 2A for reading( teacher assessment and test) then the L3 test is given- but no fine levelling given for L3

5 Writing and spelling L2A/B/C or L3 is achieved for writing by teacher assessment throughout the year and the assessment of the long and short SAT writing tasks Spelling test : marks out of 20 are added to give the final overall fine level for writing Handwriting: marks are added to give the final, overall fine level for writing

6 Numeracy In Maths there is one overall subject level obtained from assessing each attainment target. If teachers reach a L2 judgement it is then refined to 2C,2B or 2A If child achieves a L2A in maths test then the L3 maths test is given If child achieves L3 then there is no fine levelling ( internal tracking)

7 About the tests Numeracy test:L2 and L3 Booklet with questions covering all the Attainment Target’s. Questions increase in difficulty! Questions can be read to the children. Reading test:L2 and L3 Booklet ( both fiction and non-fiction) .Questions need written answers about the text that children have read. Writing tasks: Long task= story( 45/50 minutes)and 10 minutes for planning. Short task= riddle (20 minutes) Spelling: Spelling test -key words covered in KS1. Look at picture and write word, plus a dictation with missing words. Children need to use spelling rules and phonics.

8 Administering the tests and tasks
The maths tests and L3 reading test will be given to small groups of children in the library The L2 reading and spelling test will be given to the whole class in the classroom The timed long and short writing task will be given as a whole class in the classroom The tests/tasks will take place at the start of term 5 and last for a couple of weeks. (Week beginning: April 27th-May 8th- am only) Teacher assessment and test results need to be submitted to LA by July .

9 Teacher’s judgements/assessments:
Knowledge throughout the year of the child’s learning to establish ‘best fit’ level Evidence/assessments from learning/work done in class over time Level descriptors in the NC Assessments using APP, Success for Writing and SAT assessments sheets Written, practical and oral learning The outcomes of tasks and tests

10 Teacher assessment There is no test /task for Speaking and Listening and Science. These subjects are only teacher assessment

11 Use of tasks and tests: The role of tasks and tests is to help inform the final judgement that the teachers have made There is no requirement to report separately the levels obtained from the tasks and tests

12 How can parents help? Read to your child as much as possible
Ask questions about text Learn weekly spellings and key words Encourage joined up writing at all times I will always see you if I feel a little bit of help with Numeracy would be beneficial at home Don't put any pressure on your child – they will not know they are doing these tests. I don’t mention the word ’test’ The children will do one practice numeracy and reading paper before the tests

13 Any questions? Many thanks for your continued support. If you have any worries or queries then please do pop in and see me after school.

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