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India’s Empires Mauryan Asoka Gupta.

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1 India’s Empires Mauryan Asoka Gupta

2 Dynasty Series of rulers from the same family

3 Mauryan Dynasty Founded by Chandragupta Maurya Indian prince
Conquered Ganges River Valley after Alexander invasion (took advantage of opportunity) 321BC to 183 BC Centralized government/Ruled from Capital City Capital city Pataliputra

4 Strengths Strong Army Good spy system Communication

5 Asoka Maurya - Founded Asoka – (Maurya grandson) Greatest King
Didn’t like bloodshed Vowed to peace & teachings of the Buddha Buddha’s teaching on stone pillars Built stupas (shrines with dome or mound) Allowed Hindu to practice their religion


7 Contributions Postal System – increase communication
Hospitals for people and animals New roads (trade) With shelter and shade trees Stupas Huge trade center

8 Fall of the Mauryan Empire
Serious of weak kings Bad decisions Heavy taxes Seized crops Last king killed by his own general 183 BC

9 Gupta Empire 500 years no strong ruler
320 AD Prince in Ganges River valley grew powerful Chandragupta (same name, different guy) Rule from old capital Pataliputra Found Gupta dynasty Family was Hindu

10 Samudragupta Son of Chandragupta Took over when his dad died
Expanded Gupta empire into N. India Dominated almost all of northern India Guptas ruled for 200 years Advantage over Mauryan Smaller so easier to manage

11 Contributions Grew wealthy from trade (salt, cloth and iron, etc)
Trade created jobs made prosperous Hinduism official religion Built shrines Art and Science began to develop India’s “Golden Age”

12 Gupta Empire Contributions
# 1 - Page 170 Universities #2 – Page 171 Literature #3 – Page 172 Painting #4 – Page 173 Sculpture #5 – Page 174 Metalwork #6 – Page 175 Mathematics #7 – Page 176 Roads

13 Math and Science Aryabhata – first to use algebra
Idea of zero and symbol to represent Explained concept of infinity Symbols for 1 – 9 (based on by trade) Earth round, revolved around sun, gravity Algorithm Mapped stars and planets

14 Technology & Medicine Advances in metal work – steel
Gold coins and metal mirrors Set bones Perform operations Invented medical tools Plastic surgery

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