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India’s First Empires Ch. 6, Sec. 3 Vocabulary DynastyStupapilgrim.

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1 India’s First Empires Ch. 6, Sec. 3 Vocabulary DynastyStupapilgrim

2 The Mauryan Dynasty India’s first empire arose after Alexander the Great left India. –________________________--Indian prince who founded first Indian empire. Called the _______________________ in 321 B.C. Dynasty—_________________________________________________. He set up a centralized govt. Maintained a strong army, spy system, and postal system. Historians believe ______was greatest king. He was an unusual ruler—was strong military leader, but came to hate bloodshed. After one bloody battle, he walked battlefield and was horrified. Made a vow from then on, he would live a peaceful life and follow Budhism. Was history’s first Buddhist king.

3 Mauryan Dynasty Asoka did many things for people: Built hospitals (people & animals), new roads, put in shelters along road to rest, sent teachers throughout India & Asia to teach Buddhism. Had tolerance for those practicing Hinduism. Empire grew weak after Asoka’s death. Following kings made bad decisions & Mauryan Empire fell. After 500 years of fighting (and no ruler), another Chandragupta took power—founded the ________ dynasty. –When Chandragupta died, son, ________________ took over & expanded empire. –Gupta’s ruled nearly 200 years & grew wealthy from ________ with China & kingdoms in southeast Asia & Mediterranean. –__________ were people who often used trade routes to visit religious shrines/sites.

4 Gupta Dynasty & Literature/Science Pilgrims responsible for making cities wealthy like tourists make cities wealthy today. Guptas were _______ & made Hinduism official religion. Gave money to support Hindu scholars & shrines. During Gupta Empire, ________________ of art & learning occurred. Indian Literature and Science ______ of India are ancient hymns & prayers used in religious ceremonies. The Vedas were recorded in Sanskrit once the Aryans arrived. Other types of literature written down later on: _______--Mahabharata and Ramayana, which are still famous in India today. Each tells about warriors and their brave deeds.

5 Literature and Science Mahabharata is longest poem in any written language!!! About 88,000 verses!!! Many different authors wrote it about a great war for control of the Indian kingdom. ____________ was writer living in Gupta Dynasty. His poem, The Cloud Messenger is one of most popular Sanskrit poems. Aryabhata was a __________ who lived during the Gupta dynasty. He was one of first known scientists to use algebra. –Indian mathematicians also developed idea of _______ & symbol to represent it. –Explained the concept of _________--something w/o an end. –Gupta mathematicians created symbols for #’s 1-9 we use today. European traders borrowed them from Arabs & replaced Roman numerals in A.D. 1200’s.

6 Literature and Science Early Indians invented algorithms = series of steps that solve a problem. Today, computer programmers use algorithms. Also developed ideas in _________ & _________. Mapped movements of planets & stars. Invented medical tools. Even carried out early form of plastic surgery (worked to restore damaged noses).

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