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I. Characteristics of Magnets

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1 I. Characteristics of Magnets
Magnetism I. Characteristics of Magnets Magnetism Magnetic poles Magnetic forces Magnetic field Magnetic domain 1

2 A. Magnetism Magnetism force of attraction or repulsion between unlike or like poles due to the arrangement of electrons closely related to electricity

3 B. Magnetic Poles Magnetic Poles- parts of the magnet where the magnetic effects are strongest like poles repel unlike poles attract a broken magnet creates new poles

4 C. Magnetic Forces Magnetic force
The force of repulsion or attraction between the poles of magnets When magnets are close to each other they will either pull together or push apart

5 D. Magnetic Field Magnetic Field
area around a magnet where magnetic forces act field lines show direction of field (NS)

6 E. Magnetic Domain Magnetic Domain
groups of atoms with aligned magnetic poles domain in a magnetized object, domains are all aligned

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