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What Are Magnets?.

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1 What Are Magnets?

2 Magnets

3 I want to learn how magnets push or pull objects.


5 Magnets A magnet is an object that attracts iron or steel objects.
When objects attract, they pull toward each other. If an object and a magnet attract each other, the object is magnetic.

6 Most magnetic objects have a metal in them called iron.



9 How can you find out if an object is magnetic?

10 How are magnetic and nonmagnetic objects different?

11 Do you remember what a force is?

12 Did you know that magnets act on each other!


14 All magnets have forces that act on other magnets.
The force between two magnets can either be a push or a pull. The poles are the places on a magnet where the forces are strongest. All magnets have 2 poles. A magnet does not have to touch an object to push or pull it.

15 On some magnets, the poles are labeled N for north pole and S for south pole.
2 unalike poles will attract each other. 2 like poles will repel. When a magnet repels, it pushes an object away from itself.


17 How do repel and attract compare?

18 Video

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