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Electromagnetic Force

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1 Electromagnetic Force

2 2 Components of the Electromagnetic Force
Electric Force – causes static electricity and causes the flow of electric charge to make electrical currents Magnetic Force – associated with magnets Both forces are caused by their fields – the field produces the force Electromagnetic force describes the push and pull of objects based on charge and distance

3 Coulomb’s Law Charged particles exert forces on each other
Like charges repel unlike charges attract (just like poles of a magnet) The greater the distance between the charges, the less force they exert on each other.

4 Magnetic Force Opposite poles of magnets attract while like poles repel – north and south attract, north and north or south and south repel The attraction or repulsion is the magnetic field

5 Electricity and Magnetism
Electricity and magnetism are components of the same force They are dependent on one another and influence each other Electricity creates a magnetic field and a magnetic field can be used to produce electricity

6 Electromagnets And electromagnet is made by coiling a wire around a conducting core When electricity runs through the wire and core a strong magnetic field is created It can be turned on and off by turning the electric current on and off

7 Induction Generators An electric current can be created by moving a magnet though a coil – this is called electromagnetic induction Generators use electromagnetic induction to produce an electric current.

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