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Early Japan.

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1 Early Japan

2 1. Japan is a chain of _________ in the northern Pacific Ocean.

3 1.A. Japan is mostly covered by ____________.

4 1.B. Because only ___ percent of Japan’s land can be farmed, _____ is an important part of the Japanese diet. 20 Fish

5 2. The ________ people are known for their clay pottery, on which they used_____________ to make designs on the pottery. Jomon Knotted Clay

6 3. The _______ appeared in Japan around 300 B.C.E..

7 3.A. They introduced _________ to Japan by growing rice in _________.
Farming Paddies

8 3.B. They also made pottery with a ________________
Potter’s Wheel

9 3.C. They used ______ as part of their religious rituals.

10 3.D. They organized themselves in _______, or group of families related by blood or marriage.

11 4. The ________ clan took over Japan, and _________, the current emperor, is a descendant of that clan. Yamato Akihito

12 5. A Yamato prince, _________, wanted to create a strong government like the one in ________.
Shotoku China

13 5.A. He created a _____________, or a plan for government.

14 5.B. He ordered __________ temples and monasteries to be built.

15 6. Early Japanese believed in __________, the belief that all natural things are alive including wind, mountains, and rivers. Animism

16 6.A. To honor the spirits, they worshiped at _________.

17 6.B. These beliefs developed into religion of ________that still exists today.

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