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Subject-verb agreement. What is Subject-verb agreement?

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1 Subject-verb agreement

2 What is Subject-verb agreement?

3 Subject-verb agreement  A verb must agree in number with its subject. Consider the examples. In the first sentence, a plural verb form are follows a plural pronoun we.  We are tired.

4  However, in the second sentence, a singular form is follows the plural subject we. This sentence is incorrect.  We is tired.(incorrect)

5 Plural and singular verb  Use a plural verb following two or more nouns that are joined by and.  For example: Sara and her sister live in Scotland.

6  Use a singular verb following a group noun when it talks about the group as a whole.  For example: the class goes on a field trip every month.

7  Using a singular verb following a noun in expressions that refer to a single member of a group.  for example: one of the students owns a restaurant. the leader of the wolves eats first.

8 Exercise

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