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The Louisiana Purchase “The greatest real estate deal in history.”

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1 The Louisiana Purchase “The greatest real estate deal in history.”

2 Louisiana Territory Ceded by Spain to France 1800 Voided Treaty of San Lorenzo (Pinckney Treaty) which gave US transit rights on the Mississippi and access to New Orleans Threatened hold on lands West of Appalachians Americans feared Napoleon would build a North American empire


4 The Louisiana Purchase Purchased from France in 1803 for about $15 million through negotiations by Robert Livingstone, James Monroe, and Talleyrand Land extended from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains Land area totaled 820,000 square miles or 524,800,000 acres

5 Jefferson’s Dilemma Jefferson was a strict constructionist  No power to add new territory or grant citizenship  Purchase is unconstitutional Jefferson sent the treaty to the Senate  Ratified by 2/3 with Federalists voting against  Despite being loose constructionists, Federalists voted against since the West voted Republican and they feared a loss of power with increased western states

6 Map of Louisiana Purchase

7 Key Figures in the Louisiana Purchase

8 Thomas Jefferson Third President of the United States Sent Lewis and Clark to explore the territory of the Louisiana Purchase Sent Robert R. Livingston and James Monroe to negotiate with the government of Napoleon I for the sale of New Orleans

9 Napoleon Bonaparte Ruler of France during the Louisiana Purchase One of the greatest military commanders in history

10 Robert R. Livingston Appointed resident minister at the court of Napoleon by President Jefferson Negotiated the Louisiana Purchase with the French

11 James Monroe Study law under the governor of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson Involved in the negotiations for the Louisiana Purchase in France, Spain and England Eventually became fifth President of the United States

12 Lewis and Clark U.S. Congress appropriate $2,000 to fund an expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory, which was led by Lewis and Clark Sent to study the Indian tribes, botany, geology, Western terrain and wildlife in the area Expedition lasted 28 months and almost 8,000 miles

13 Sacajawea Shoshone guide and translator for Lewis and Clark Her brother, Cameahwait, was headman of a village and offered them ponies and canoes

14 Works Cited Thomas Jefferson. The White House. Lewis and Clark US gston_r.htm

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