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The Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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1 The Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark Expedition

2 Louisiana Territory switches hands 1800- Napoleon Bonaparte convinces Spain to return the Louisiana Territory to France Jefferson fears French presence in US will force alliance with Britain

3 Why did Jefferson want to purchase Louisiana? To prevent war with France over control of the Louisiana Territory and secure American commerce Give the United States control over the Mississippi River Acquire a port to provide an outlet for western crops Hoped to preserve an agricultural (agrarian) society by making abundant lands available to future generations

4 Jefferson wants New Orleans Jefferson sends James Monroe and Robert Livingston to Paris to negotiate for New Orleans ◦ Napoleon gives up his idea of expanding his empire to America by the time Monroe gets to France in 1803 ◦ Decides to sell the entire Louisiana Territory

5 The Louisiana Purchase April 30, 1803 ◦ Robert Livingston & James Monroe signed the Louisiana Purchase Treaty in Paris ◦ The United States paid $15 million for the land, roughly 4 cents per acre ◦ The purchase added 828,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi to the United States ◦ July 4 the Louisiana Purchase is publicly announced

6 Maps of the Louisiana Purchase

7 Jefferson conflicted over purchase Jefferson is strict constitutionalist Must used implied powers to be able to purchase Louisiana Territory Federalists attack Jefferson for stretching the Constitution


9 Lewis and Clark Expedition January 18, 1803 ◦ Jefferson asks Congress for funds to explore the land west of the Mississippi ◦ His goal is to find a water route to the Pacific May 1804 ◦ Meriwether Lewis and William Clark depart on the expedition Map of Lewis and Clark’s route

10 Lewis and Clark Expedition 1804- 1806 Ascended the Missouri River and crossed to the Pacific Survey the land and establish relations with Native Americans ◦ Sacajawea served as guide for the two men

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