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Les Arts de la Rue en France

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1 Les Arts de la Rue en France
Buongiorno a tutti e grazie per accogliere la federazione a Pennabilli e Montegranaro Les Arts de la Rue en France De quoi parle-t-on ? What about Street Arts in France ? A proposito del Arti di strada in France

Dimanche 20 juin 2010 – Pennabilli OPEN STREET ART Meeting LES ARTS DE LA RUE en France I. La fédération française et ses objectifs I. The french federation and its main purposes I. la federazione francese ed i suoi obiettivi II. La situation du secteur en France II. The situation in France II. La situazione in France III. Vers une coopération culturelle européenne III. Towards an European cultural cooperation III. Verso una cooperazione culturale europea

3 13 ans de militantisme pour défendre une éthique, 13 years of militancy to defend an ethics, 13 anni di attivismo per difendere un'etica Créée, born, creata en 1997 pour promouvoir et défendre une éthique, To promote and defend an ethics, per promuovere e difendere un'etica, Impulser l’échange d’idées, to impulse the exchange of ideas, impulser lo scambia di idee, Prendre position sur les pratiques de l’espace public et l’aménagement du territoire, Take position on the practices of the public place and the town and country planning, Prendere posizione sulle pratiche dello spazio pubblico ed il piano di sviluppo del territorio.

4 I.La fédération des Arts de la Rue
Lobbying : A constant presence auprès des partis politiques, des institutions et des autres partenaires culturels. 2001 Reconnaissance des Arts de la Rue (Recognition of street Art by the Ministry of Culture. 2003 Fight for the maintening the specific status of « intermittent » : le TAR Temps des Arts de la Rue : Project of 4 MO € Creation of 6 CNARs (6 centers of Street Arts in France), Fond alloued to creators of street arts, Creation of a Steet art City in Marseille (South o France) 429 adhérents à fin 2009 10 régionals federations 10 CNARs (centers of Street Arts in France,

5 I.La fédération des Arts de la Rue
How does it work ? 11 thinking heads and an arm (RUE LIBRE) => a collective dialogue and militancy The national coordination : an elected board of directors and regional representants. Lobbying at national level, Veille éditoriale – day watch on internet and media Observation (statistics on production, diffusion, financial resources) Thought and propositions toward politicals, institutions and patners The rotating plateform of ideas Administration of the Web site

6 I.La fédération des Arts de la Rue

7 I.La fédération des Arts de la Rue
How does it work ? 11 thinking heads and an arm (RUE LIBRE), 10 regions, more or less active do the same kind of missions at the regional level. This leads to the result : A concerted common work, A taking into acount of regional specificities A sharing of experiences and competences from each region A sharing of knowledge and means by the developement of crossing professional networks (administration, diffusion, authors by the exchange on the web lists.

8 I.La fédération des Arts de la Rue
Nowdays The situation changed in France, with specific incidences in the cultural sector. The federation stay watchfull to the situation, defends and proposes différent issues to ensure the developpement of Street art in France

9 II. The Street Art situation in France
Figures France : Km2 Inhabitants : 65 Mo Tourists : 79 Mo 1001 Street Art companies 220 festivals 10 CNARs (Centers of Street Arts) 1,6 % of the state budget of culture 34 % /year see Street Arts 19 % go to theater

10 II. The Street Art situation in France
How doest it work ? The main financial resources of Companies come from public fonds, by financial conventions, supports or transfers when the representation are buyed by public collectivities. The access to culture for everybody is one of very important aim the main preoccupation for the french Street Art companies. One of the way is free representations.

11 II. The Street Art situation in France
Free acces to culture for everybody Freedom of creativity and creation Freedom of expression and diffusion in the public space. Force and Success of Street Arts : Artistic and esthetical projects Création of social link (urbain and rural places) Participation to the writing of territories Development of attractivity (urbanism & tourism) Participate to the metropolitain construction Cheap in proportion to the mass of public (1€/ inhab)

12 II. The Street Art situation in France
Institutions and cultural policies 1 state government Ministry of culture DGCA (dir gal creation Art) 22 to 26 regions 100 departments 181 community of towns towns

13 III.To an european federation ?
Getting forces to succeed in lobbying Sharing and exchanging skills and ways of working Trying to find common definitions and a common sens Examinating our systems Think together to new propositions Make a plateform of thoughts and ideas Producing commun arguments, communications tools and supports

14 What would happen if…

15 RUE LIBRE Journée internationale des Arts de la Rue et de la libre expression dans l’espace public International day of the Street Arts and the free expression in the public place Giornata internazionale delle Arti di strada libera espressione nello spazio pubblico

16 RUE LIBRE Created in RUE LIBRE is preparing its 4th edition for 2010, october, the 30th. RUE LIBRE proposes : One time in the street the day of the 25th hours, which means the day most of countries chage the time to winter schedule. National and regional evenements a way of communication (media and the webradio) Militantist actions all over the yearEurope, Africa, Australia, Canada… … Italy ?


18 What would happen if …

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