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Supporting innovation: Provincia di Torinos experience Brussels, 10 th October 2007 Katia Sosio (Provincia di Torino)

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1 Supporting innovation: Provincia di Torinos experience Brussels, 10 th October 2007 Katia Sosio (Provincia di Torino)

2 The territory: some data Area: 6826 Km2 Population: 2.237.000 inhabitants (the most heavy-populated of the 8 provinces in Piedmont) Economical system: metal working, mechanical, aerospace and car industries,ICT, design, logistic. Turin economic framewok is undertaking a process of shift from the crisis of the recent past of traditional industries to the development of innovative sectors Research and Development activities: the area can count on a forefront university system and, at national level, it is excellent for R&D investiments

3 Province of Turin Provincia di Torino is a public authority at local level, between the regional and municipal administration. Government: President, Provincial Council, Executive Board Administration: 14 areas with specific competencies Among the Provincial competencies there is the economic promotion of the territory. Local development – Territorial Pacts, Territorial Integrated Programs Support to enterprise creation – MIP Support to local clusters

4 Provincia di Torinos approach Provincia di Torino supports key local clusters by promoting the virtuous circle between:

5 Fostering innovation Provincia di Torino is one of the founders and a partner of: Technology Parks Technology Parks: Bioindustry Park Enviroment Park Virtual Reality and Multi Media Park Business Incubators Business Incubators I3P – the Incubator of Torino Politecnico 2I3T – the Incubator of Torino University

6 Fostering innovation financial participations Provincia di Torino holds also financial participations in institutions which work for the development of the area: COMPANIES COMPANIES: ASSOT, Banca Popolare Etica S.c.p.A., Canavese Sviluppo S.p.A., Chivasso Industria S.p.A., R.T.M. S.p.A., Torino Nuova Economia S.p.A., Tecfab s.r.l. FOUNDATIONS FOUNDATIONS: Torino Wireless (ICT Tech District) COMMITEES COMMITEES: Galileo Programme, Aerospace District, Torino 2008 World Design Capital, Infomobility ASSOCIATIONS ASSOCIATIONS: Torino Internazionale CONSORTIUMS CONSORTIUMS: Consorzio per il distretto tecnologico del Canavese, Consorzio per gli insediamenti produttivi del Canavese, COREP

7 Support to innovative companies Mettersi in Proprio Provincia di Torino manages Mettersi in Proprio (M.I.P. - Start up your own business), a support service to enterprise creation. Its characterized by a large partnership of public and private entities. Between these the Technical-scientific partners play an important role. In this way, in fact, is possible to increase and support the quality of the entrepreneurial activities.

8 Conclusion STRENGTHSWEAKNESS Provincia di Torino is working to improve the competiveness of its territory by creating a good environment for innovation All the experiences done till now by the different entities involved in the promotion of local clusters should be connect in a network Provincia di Torino is stimulating the partnership between all the entities involved in the development of the area The selection of the fields where the resources must be concentrated Provincia di Torino represents the entity able to link the public policies to the territory because of its knowledge about local reality (from an economic and social point of view)

9 Torino Nuova Economia S.p.A. It will be characterized by the presence of innovative enterprises, Research and Development centers, educational activities and the Design Centre managed by Torino Politecnico. Shareholders in Torino Nuova Economia S.p.A. are Piedmont Regional Authority (through its financial company - Finpiemonte S.p.a.), City of Turin, Provincia di Torino and Fiat S.p.A. The mission of Torino Nuova Economia S.p.A. is to redevelop and utilize the areas purchased from Fiat S.p.A. to create the Mirafiori Technological Centre, specialized in the automotive field.

10 Bioindustry Park It has among their shareholders public institutions and private companies (such as Finpiemonte S.p.A., Provincia di Torino, Cesare Serono Research Centre S.p.A., Bioline Diagnostici srl, Bracco Group) The aim of the park is to promote and develop biotechnological research: it is for national and international small and medium- sized enterprises who want to set up research and experimental production in the chemical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, veterinary, food, cosmetics, bioengineering and bioinformatics and information science fields (priority to innovative projects). Bioindustry Park was conceived at the beginning of '90s as instrument for the economic territorial development.

11 Thank you for your attention

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