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Information and support for running European projects.

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1 Information and support for running European projects

2 EUROCIRCLE History Originally created in Berlin in 1993, Eurocircle set up in Marseille in 1995 under the Association Law of 1901. In 2006 the European Commission certified Eurocircle as a " European Non Governmental Organisation ". Objectives To promote European citizenship To encourage partnerships and trans-national exchanges To develop European projects To encourage youth mobility Activities To host and advise project managers To make people aware about European funding programmes To develop and cooperate in trans-national projects European Programme: Youth in Action Voluntary civil: hosting Envie dAgir : to support youth initiatives

3 Information Eurocircle News Publication of information bulletins EC-News (in French and German) on European news and summaries of the latest calls for proposals in the European Union. Creation and management of the website The multilingual website details the essential information about community financing programmes and proposes a database for partner research in Europe.

4 Welcome and advice Welcoming of organisations Eurocircle welcomes and advices associative organisations in the « Bouches-du-Rhône » department, evaluates and directs organisations in their European projects. Cooperation Eurocircle cooperates in transnational projects such as LIFE, PRINCE, EQUAL, DAPHNE, or PAC Youth in action programmes Projects Development Eurocircle develops exchange projects, partner support project and innovative project in the Youth domain. Multilingual communication Translation in several European languages, organisation of multilingual conferences, interpretation solutions, hiring out of materials and conference interpreters. Dissemination of project results Eurocircle makes use of its EC-News bulletin and the internet site, dissemination lists, public communication and public relations to disseminate community project results.

5 Jeunesse en Action The Youth in action Programme Promotes youth mobility and active participation of young people between 13 and 30 years old in the construction of Europe. It provides financial support to youth projects. Actions Action 1 - Youth in Europe Action 2 - European Voluntary Service Action 3 - Youth in the World Action 4 - Youth Support Systems Action 5 - European Cooperation in the youth field contributing to the development of policy cooperation in the youth field. Participant Young people aged between 13 and 30 years (individuals or groups) Youth organisations and associations Youth workers Public authorities Other non-governmental organisations Other active institutions and individuals in the domain of youth and informal education. Which countries Programme countries, Neighbouring Partner Countries Other Parner countries in the world

6 European Voluntary Service Coordinating, sending and hosting organisation for the European Voluntary Service (EVS) Eurocircle supports the mobility of young Europeans thanks to the youth program, by hosting and sending young European volunteers, and by coordinating projects in the Bouches-du-Rhône department. Hosting : 4 volunteers per year. Sending : 50 young people per year, 40% of which are young people with fewer opportunities Coordinating: 100 young people, 50 hosting projects in the Bouches-du-Rhône department. Intercultural Exchanges Action 1 of the " Youth in Action " programme, intercultural exchanges bring together groups of young people from different backgrounds and countries aged 15-25 years, giving them the opportunity to discuss themes whilst learning about their respective countries and cultures. Eurocircle works closely with its local and trans- national partners on EVS and intercultural exchanges, as a sending, hosting and coordinating organisation. Eurocircle has created a database for partner research in Europe.

7 Voluntary Civil Service The French Voluntary Civil Service allows young people aged between 16 and 25 to carry out a volunteering activity for 6, 9 or 12 months. The voluntary civil service aims to bring together existing forms of volunteering such as social integration volunteers, international volunteers in administration and international solidarity volunteers, and to promote new common interest projects in the domains of solidarity, environment, culture etc…Eurocircle hosts three voluntary civil service volunteers working on various projects such as management of European projects, youth mobility awareness and intercultural meetings. Envie dagir-Desire to act As the first national programme aimed at supporting young people's initiatives and involvement, Envie d'agir encourages, supports and give value to the initiatives, creativity and talent of young people between 11 and 30 years. Such initiatives can include local development, first cultural or scientific creations, the setting up of an association, local or international solidarity, the creation of a company etc… Eurocircle acts as an information point for Envie d'Agir projects and assists young project managers in their projects.


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