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Curriculum changes New curriculum from Sept 2014.

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1 Curriculum changes New curriculum from Sept 2014

2 Design and Technology Afforded greater importance under the new curriculum, setting children on the path to becoming the designers and engineers of the future More sophisticated use of design equipment such as electronics and robotics In KS2, children will learn about how key events and individuals in design and technology have shaped the world

3 ICT Computing replaces Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with a greater focus on programming rather than on operating programs From age five, children will learn to write and test simple programs, and to organise, store and retrieve datachildren will learn to write and test simple programs, and to organise, store and retrieve data From seven, they will be taught to understand computer networks, including the internet Internet safety – currently only taught from 11-16 – will be taught in primary schools

4 Languages Currently not statutory, a modern foreign language or ancient language (Latin or Greek) will be mandatory in KS2modern foreign languageLatin or Greek Children will be expected to master basic grammar and accurate pronunciation and to converse, present, read and write in the language

5 New SEN code of practice Changes from the SEN Code of Practice 2001 The Code of Practice (2014) covers the 0-25 age range There is a clearer focus on the views of children and young people and on their role in decision-making o It includes guidance on the joint planning and commissioning of services to ensure close co-operation between education, health services and social care For children and young people with more complex needs a co-ordinated assessment process and the new 0-25 Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC plan) replace statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDAs)

6 There is new guidance on the support pupils and students should receive in education and training settings There is a greater focus on support that enables those with SEN to succeed in their education and make a successful transition to adulthood. From 1 September 2014 the provisions of the Children and Families Bill, its associated regulations and the Code of Practice will be in force. Transitional arrangements will be in place to support the changeover from the current system to the new system in an orderly way. The definitions of special educational needs remain the same.

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