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The Transitions Service: One year on 6 March 2013.

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1 The Transitions Service: One year on 6 March 2013

2 The Transitions Service: One Year on- Background and Context: 2007/08: East Sussex Multi-agency Review of Transitions Provision- Children's to Adults Service Resulted in East Sussex Transitions Strategy (2009) & multi agency Transitions Steering Group Supported by National Strategy-Transition Support Programme (TSP) And by Central Government National Transitions Support Team (NTST)

3 Transitions Service Complexities of multi-agency responsibilities & governance arrangements. Agreed ESCC would focus on a 16-25 Transitions Team. Focus on young disabled people with highest levels of need Steering Group to consider the wider remit of young people with SEND Aim: establish a more inclusive Strategy with pathways for the wider cohort of young people

4 Transitions Team Commenced September 2011: Aims Supports a cohort of the most complex young people and their families through the move from Children’s Services into Adult Services. Co-ordinates assessment & support between Education, Health and Social Care Services. Provides a single point of co-ordination for these peoples’ needs. Provides consistency in approach Promotes person-centred assessment and self- directed support Improves experiences for young people and their families Diverts people away from life-long residential care

5 The details of young people due to transfer from Children’s Disability Services are sent through to the Transitions Service All necessary assessments, referrals and plans for future support are made Changes made to support plans if required Young person moves into Adult Services To Review Transitions Pathway Year 10 (15) Years 11 & 12 Year 13 (18) Year 14

6 Key Performance Data: October 2011- December 2012 112 Young People on Team caseload 8 young people placed into residential care 55 young people with a Direct Payment 5 on the SEND Pathfinder Pilot 5 SEN Personal Advisers (PAs) are the allocated workers for 1500 young people aged 14-25 who do not have social care support. Year-one evaluation questionnaire reporting high levels of satisfaction from: Young people Parents & carers Schools

7 Future Aspirations: Promote more creative use of direct payments Partnership working with families and providers to pool budgets to form small scale commissioning units where appropriate and value for money Develop social enterprise and supported employment schemes for younger people Develop more respite provision Accommodation based care & support appropriate for young people aged 18-25

8 SE7 & SEND Pathfinder: draft legislation - key highlights New requirement for local authorities, health and care services to commission services jointly, for disabled children and young people with SEND LAs to publish a clear, transparent ‘local offer’ of services, so parents and young people can understand what is available. More streamlined assessment process, which integrates education, health and care services, and involves children and young people and their families. New 0-25 Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC), replacing the current system of Statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments. Option of delivery via Personal Budget for families and young people with a Plan. New statutory protections for young people aged 16-25 in FE and a stronger focus on preparing for adulthood.

9 In Addition : Changes to education funding Raising the participation age (RPA) Programmes of study Section 29, Education Act 2011, places a new legal duty on schools to ensure that they “secure access” to impartial careers guidance for students Draft Care and Support Bill Health and Social Care Act 2012 Children & young people’s health outcomes forum The Welfare Reform Act

10 Life Outcomes:

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