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Welcome to the SEN Parent/Carer Forum

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1 Welcome to the SEN Parent/Carer Forum
Lesley Yates – Assistant Headteacher : SEN and Personalised Learning Mailene Graham – Senior SENCo Ken Hadley – SEN Link Governor

2 Main aims of the Forum: To seek parents`/carers 'views about SEN provision at St-Michaels and how it can be improved To involve parents/carers in decisions about SEN provision To provide information about the new SEN reforms To provide information about where advice and support is available in the local area To provide opportunities to share experiences with other parents/carers To maybe make new friends !

3 The new SEN and Disability Code of Practice main changes :
Covers 0-25 age range and includes guidance related to disabled children as well as those with SEN Clearer focus on participation of CYP and their parents/carers in decision making at individual and strategic levels Strong focus on high aspirations and improving outcomes for CYP Includes guidance on publication of the Local Offer

4 Includes new guidance for a graduated approach to identify CYP with SEN (assess-plan-do-review) supported by the subject teacher School Action/School Action Plus replaced by `SEN Support` Education, Health and Care Plans replace statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDA`S) if needed Greater focus on enabling CYP to succeed and effectively transition to adulthood Information provided under Equality Act 2010 Focuses on outcomes and preparing for adulthood All CYP with SEND should have access to specialist support when this is needed

5 4 categories of need Communication and interaction
Cognition and learning Social, emotional and mental health difficulties Sensory and / or physical needs

6 How does the school decide if my son/daughter needs to be on the SEN register?
Criteria includes: Came from primary school on the register Working below expected levels in literacy: Year 7 (below 3c) Year 8 (below 3a)Year 9(below 4c) Reading age of below 9 years 6 months Lack of expected progress( 2 sub-levels over an academic year) Physical need : e.g. HI or VI Communication difficulties (e.g. involvement of Speech and Language Therapy) Social, emotional or mental health needs (e.g. involvement of CAMHS, Mentoring, Shield)

7 If my son/daughter is identified as `SEN Support` what help will they get ?
This could include: Teaching staff made aware of needs; will differentiate curriculum, resources Some LSP support in identified lessons Interventions in school Referral to outside agencies Possibility of a request for an EHC Plan where appropriate Examination access arrangements

8 Parent/Carer Forum Meets every half-term
Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 7th July pm Check the school website for full details

9 `Drop- in session` You now have the opportunity if you wish to speak individually to: SENCo with responsibility for years 9/10- Mrs Lesley Yates SENCo with responsibility for years 7/8 – Mrs Mailene Graham Ken Hadley – SEN Link Governor

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