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1 SEND Reform Information for Parents and Carers about the biggest reform in SEN for 30 years. SEN Reform Worcestershire1 This presentation was co-produced with Our Voice, Worcestershire’s Parent Carer Forum

2 1 st September 2014 Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Code of Practice Part of the Children and Families Act. SEN Reform Worcestershire2

3 How is SEND defined? SEN Reform Worcestershire3

4 A pupil has SEND where their learning difficulty or disability calls for special educational provision, namely provision different from or additional to that normally available to pupils of the same age. Children and young people who have SEN may also have a disability under the Equality Act 2010. SEN Reform Worcestershire4

5 Who does the statutory Code of Practice relate to? SEN Reform Worcestershire5

6 Age range from 0 – 25. Clear expectations from education, health and social care. SEN Reform Worcestershire6

7 It relates to: headteachers and principals governing bodies school and college staff SEN coordinators early education providers health and social services staff local authorities SEN Reform Worcestershire7

8 It relates to: maintained schools pupil referral units (PRUs) academies and free schools non-maintained special schools colleges SEN Reform Worcestershire8

9 Why do we need to change? SEN Reform Worcestershire9

10 “Our vision for children with special educational needs and disabilities is the same as for all children – that they achieve well in their early years, at school and college, make a good transition to adulthood and lead contented and fulfilled lives…” SEN Reform Worcestershire10

11 “…The current system is not working for all families. The reforms…aim to change this, with a focus on greater co-operation between education, health and social care and a greater focus on the outcomes which will make a real difference to how a child or young person lives their life.” Edward Timpson Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families July 2014 SEN Reform Worcestershire11

12 All children and young people should expect to receive an education that enables them to: achieve the best possible outcomes become confident be able to communicate their own views be ready to make a successful transition into adulthood. SEN Reform Worcestershire12

13 What are the highlights? SEN Reform Worcestershire13

14 Stronger focus on developing independence and preparing for cross phase transition and adulthood. Better planning for transition into paid employment independent living transition between children’s and adults’ services SEN Reform Worcestershire14

15 Views of children, young people and their families must be taken into account. SEN Reform Worcestershire15

16 Local authorities must make arrangements for independent disagreement resolution mediation arrangements SEN Reform Worcestershire16

17 What requirements are placed on the professionals working with children and young people in education? SEN Reform Worcestershire17

18 All pupils should have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. High quality, differentiated teaching in every classroom. Teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of all pupils in their class. SEN Reform Worcestershire18

19 School Action and School Action Plus have been replaced by SEN support tailored to the individual’s needs SEN Reform Worcestershire19

20 SEN support Regular discussions with parents to set clear outcomes and review progress discuss activities and support identify responsibilities of the parent, the pupil and the school include the views of the pupil SEN Reform Worcestershire20

21 Statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments will be replaced by Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans 21SEN Reform Worcestershire

22 What are Education Health and Care Plans? SEN Reform Worcestershire22

23 EHC plans integrated support plans for children and young people with SEND focus on achieving outcomes help children make a positive transition to adulthood SEN Reform Worcestershire23

24 EHC plans Clear, concise and readable Planning and assessment process 20 working weeks Families may access a personal budget where possible SEN Reform Worcestershire24

25 All mainstream schools have a duty to use their best endeavours to provide support to children and young people with SEND, whether or not they have an EHC plan. inform parents when they are making special educational provision for a child. SEN Reform Worcestershire25

26 All schools have duties towards individual disabled children and young people: to make reasonable adjustments to prevent them being put at a substantial disadvantage. to prevent discrimination, to promote equality of opportunity and to foster good relations. SEN Reform Worcestershire26

27 Schools must demonstrate arrangements for the admission of disabled children the steps taken to prevent disabled children from being treated less favourably the facilities provided to enable access to the school SEN Reform Worcestershire27

28 What about other professionals? SEN Reform Worcestershire28

29 We know that healthy, happy children perform well at school, and we know how significant an impact a child’s health has on their life chances. SEN Reform Worcestershire29

30 Services will be commissioned jointly to meet the needs of children and young people with SEND. SEN Reform Worcestershire30

31 Health professionals, schools, colleges and local authorities will work together to support children, young people and their families. SEN Reform Worcestershire31

32 ‘Tell us once’ approach. SEN Reform Worcestershire32

33 The Local Authority will provide a clear and transparent ‘Local Offer’ of services information in one place includes education, health and social care comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date involves children, young people and families SEN Reform Worcestershire33

34 The local offer must include information about education services supporting children such as: travel transition between phases of education. SEN Reform Worcestershire34

35 The Local Offer must include information about social care services supporting children such as: childcare leisure activities independent living accommodation and employment. SEN Reform Worcestershire35

36 The Local Offer must include information about health services supporting children such as: preventative and specialist services therapy services community equipment and community nursing palliative and respite care emergency care provision SEN Reform Worcestershire36

37 Each school provides more detailed information about their arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for pupils/students with SEN or disability. The SEN Information Report names contacts within the school for situations where young people or parents have concerns SEN Reform Worcestershire37

38 Frequently asked questions SEN Reform Worcestershire38

39 My child currently is on the SEN register at School Action / School Action Plus. Are they going to lose their support? 39SEN Reform Worcestershire

40 Schools are reviewing the pupils on the SEN register to ensure that those who are on it are receiving SEN support. There will be some pupils who do not need this support in order to progress and so do not need to be on the register For those who remain on the register, there will be regular meetings to ensure that families, children and young people are part of the decision-making process. 40SEN Reform Worcestershire

41 For those who are removed from the register, teachers will closely monitor progress and support any difficulties they may have. Teachers have received rigorous training and work with the Senco to ensure quality provision for these pupils No one should have their support removed simply because of the new Code of Practice 41SEN Reform Worcestershire

42 My child currently has a statement of educational need. Are they going to lose it? SEN Reform Worcestershire42

43 Transitional arrangements are in place to support the conversion of statements of special educational needs to EHC plans. 43SEN Reform Worcestershire

44 No-one should lose their statement and not have it replaced with an EHC plan simply because the system is changing. However, all statements will be reviewed as part of the conversion process and where it is no longer necessary, an EHC plan will not be agreed. SEN Reform Worcestershire44

45 All children and young people with statements will be gradually transferred to the new system by 1 st April, 2018. A programme from the Local Authority sets out the transfer arrangements starting initially with those pupils in Year 11 and Year 2. Transfer or Conversion Review meetings will replace the Annual Review meeting. SEN Reform Worcestershire45

46 Where can I find the Worcestershire Local Offer? SEN Reform Worcestershire46

47 In Worcestershire, you can find the Local Offer at SEN Reform Worcestershire47

48 48SEN Reform Worcestershire

49 49SEN Reform Worcestershire

50 50SEN Reform Worcestershire

51 What about my particular school? SEN Reform Worcestershire51

52 Every school must publish an SEN Information Report with clear links to the Local Offer This can be found on the website for each school SEN Reform Worcestershire52

53 Please take the time to read our SEN Information Report It has been designed to help you and other parents and families so that you can clearly see what support we are providing. We would welcome feedback so that we can continue to improve how we are helping children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities SEN Reform Worcestershire53

54 If you can't make the session but would like to know more about the reforms contact: SEND Information, Advice and Support Service - Helpline: 01905 610858 (24 hour answer service) Email: Write to: SENDIASS, PO Box 73, Worcester WR5 2YA Office opening hours Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm Website: If you would like more information about future events or would like to help shape how SEND looks in Worcestershire please contact: Michele Davies - Worcestershire County Council's Parent Engagement Advisor Email: Telephone/text: 07595 091200 Useful web links: The Worcestershire Local Offer: SEN reform on Worcestershire County Council website: SEND Code of Practice Government guide for parent carers: and-carers SEND Reforms Government guides for young people: changes-information-for-young-people Council for Disabled Children: IPSEA: Special Needs Jungle: How can parents access independent supporters? Independent support is available for families to help with the EHC Plan process (called Independent Supporters) and you can access this service through SENDIASS. 54SEN Reform Worcestershire

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