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The EBSCO eBooks App Authenticating the App Tutorial

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1 The EBSCO eBooks App Authenticating the App Tutorial

2 The EBSCO eBooks app enables you to eBooks from your collection to your mobile device, seamlessly. Enjoy EBSCO eBooks on your phones and tablets, and access them anytime, anywhere. In this tutorial, we will look at how to find your library and authenticate the app after you have downloaded it.

3 After downloading the app from iTunes or the Google Play store, open it on your device. In order to access and download your EBSCO eBooks, you must first authorize the app with your Adobe ID and password. Enter your credentials and tap Authorize, or select the Create an Adobe ID link to create a new ID. The app only needs to be authorized with your Adobe ID once and enables you to sync your progress across multiple devices.

4 Next, tap Find Books and locate your library using the prompts. Begin by selecting your country...

5 …And then select your state or province.

6 The available libraries for your selection are displayed. Tap the name of your library to log in. If your library is not listed, contact your library administrator to inquire about getting set up.

7 Enter your EBSCO login values to begin searching for eBooks. If you do not have login values, please consult your institution’s library administrator to learn how to get them. Your device may prompt you to save your user ID and password, which saves you time in the future.

8 The app is authenticated and is now ready to download eBooks.

9 View more information about how to use the EBSCO eBooks app in the user guide available within the app from the bookshelf. Or watch the EBSCO eBooks App Overview tutorial available from the eBooks Support Center at


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