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Accessing DynaMed on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad Tutorial Last updated 9/28/2011.

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1 Accessing DynaMed on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad Tutorial Last updated 9/28/2011

2 Welcome to the DynaMed on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Tutorial! In this tutorial you will learn: (1) How to access DynaMed on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and (2) How to search within this application’s interface.

3 Please include your full name and the name of your institution. A serial number will be emailed to you within 24 hours. First, in order to access DynaMed on your device, you will need to request a DynaMed serial number by emailing Technical Support at

4 Once your serial number has been emailed to you, you will want to create a new Skyscape user account by going to, click Create Account and fill out your information.

5 Next, install DynaMed on your iPhone or iPod Touch from the iTunes App Store: (1) Access the App Store icon from your home screen. (2) Select “Search” and then type “DynaMed” to locate the application. (3) Select the DynaMed app that appears in your results.

6 (1) Select “Install” and then “Download.” (2) Enter your iTunes password to proceed with the download. You will be brought to the DynaMed install/download page. (3) The DynaMed App will appear on your home screen when the download is complete.

7 (2) At the next screen, enter your SkyScape account information, including your DynaMed Serial Number (without dashes). Press Continue again. Selecting the DynaMed application will take you to the DynaMed setup page. (1) Read the instructions and press Continue.

8 You will be brought to the Skyscape install/download page. (2) Select “Free” and “Download” to start the download. (1) Select “Download Skyscape App.” This will bring you into the Skyscape App install/download page. (If you already have it on your device, you may skip this step.)

9 (1) Select the DynaMed icon on your home page to continue with the installation. (2) Select “Install Resources.” (3) Read and accept the license terms and conditions. Once the download is complete:

10 (2) Next, select DynaMed from within the SkyScape application OR from your home screen. You will next be brought to a page that says, “Install Resources.” (1) Select “Register and Download.” Wait for the download to complete.

11 Next, simply select “Finish” to access the application!

12 From the Main Index screen, you can Browse by Alphabet or enter a keyword to search for a term.

13 Selecting a term will bring you to the DynaMed record on this term. The default section opened is the Treatment section. Select Sections to navigate to different parts of the record. For example, you can view the History and Physical section of the record by selecting it in the Sections Menu.

14 Selecting links from within the record can bring you to other, related records, such as drug information.

15 You can check for DynaMed updates by clicking Tools in the navigation bar at the bottom. Click Check for Updates in the resulting menu to view the available updates and download them. DynaMed Mobile is updated once per week.

16 Check the box for the updates you would like to install and click the Download button at the bottom of your screen. The Downloading screen will display the progress of your download. If you wish to cancel the download at any time, click the Cancel button.

17 For more information, visit or visit the EBSCO Support Site at to browse our Knowledge Base of FAQs, download Help Sheets, User Guides, and other tutorials, or see what’s new in our Top Stories.http://www.dynamicmedical.com

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