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Science at Manshead BTEC, Double and Triple Science.

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1 Science at Manshead BTEC, Double and Triple Science

2 Exam Dates – All 1 hour long ExamRelevant toDate Principles of ScienceBTEC Only15 th May B123Double and Triple GCSE12 th May C123Double and Triple GCSE14 th May P123Double and Triple GCSE20 th May B456Double and Triple GCSE5 th June C456Double and Triple GCSE9 th June P456Double and Triple GCSE12 th June B7Triple GCSE Only15 th June C7Triple GCSE Only17 th June P7Triple GCSE Only19 th June

3 To prepare for the exams Start revising now! Remember the exams are worth 75% of the final qualification (except for BTEC). Buy a revision guide Buy a Past Paper booklet We have a list of what you have already bought! CourseGuide AvailablePriceWill help for… BTECApplication of Science£3.50The exam! Double and Triple GCSE ‘Black’ revision guide£4All ‘123’ and ‘456’ exams Past Paper booklet£3All ‘123’ exams Triple GCSE‘Red’ revision guide£3All ‘7’ exams White workbook£3

4 Controlled Assessment Intervention 25% of the final grade (except BTEC). 2 for Core Science (12.5% each), 1 for Additional Science 3 for Triple Science (1 for Biology, 1 for Chemistry, 1 for Physics) 12 for BTEC (75% of the final grade). Intervention will take place on the following Saturdays – 4/10, 11/10, 18/10

5 Science at Manshead Sixth Form We offer Biology, Chemistry and Physics at AS and A Level, and an Applied Science Level 3 BTEC. Students need 5 A*-C at GCSE to enter Manshead sixth form, and specifically 2 B grades or better in Science to start a Science AS course. Students who achieve 2 C grades or better can undertake the Level 3 BTEC.

6 Science Careers

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