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Year 10 Parents Information Examination Changes: 2012 and beyond.

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1 Year 10 Parents Information Examination Changes: 2012 and beyond

2 An end to Modular Examinations ? Modular Exams: The qualification is carried out in sections: pupils learn a section of the course and then are tested on it in an externally assessed exam Pupils can resit exams if they do not do as well as they could or should At the end of the course the marks are put together in order to produce a final grade Pupil performance can be tracked and improved during the course, based on exam performance Terminal Examinations The qualification is mainly assessed by final examination The exam is divided into sections or papers and takes place at the end of the course Pupils cannot resit the examination for a year (with three exceptions) Pupil performance must be tracked by school through internal assessment

3 What are the exceptions ? English English Literature Mathematics When can these be taken ? November 2013 then again Summer 2014

4 Controlled Assessment Coursework which is completed after detailed in-class preparation: In class Under examination conditions During a specific timeframe This contributes to the final grade Can be worth up to 60% Can be retaken in exceptional circumstances If retaken must be different from the original assessment Must be treated in the same way as the final examination

5 BTEC Some pupils will study these qualifications: Science Music Sport Media Work is assessed during the course with no terminal examination Qualification is worth the same as a GCSE (in Science it is the equivalent of 2) Pupils are graded as: Pass Merit Distinction

6 Some Examples Maths: Linear GCSE qualification, calculator and non- calculator examinations in November 2013 for set 1 and June 2014 for everyone else (internal examinations June 2103 and December 2013). No coursework. Science: Triple Science 3 GCSEs Chemistry, Physics, Biology. Terminal exams in Summer y11 minimum of 3 controlled assessments, likely 6. Science: BTEC Extended Certificate in Applied Science. Assignments and Portfolio based. No external examination. Art: UNIT 1- (Coursework portfolio) carries 60% of the final marks. Pupils are required to submit a minimum of 2 practical assignments. Art: UNIT 2- (Externally set task) carries 40% of the final marks. Pupils are given time to prepare an assignment of work. The final piece of this project is then produced over a 10 hour period in controlled conditions.

7 Some Examples History: Unit 4: Vietnam 1960-1975 Controlled Assessment. Topics include: Vietcong and USA tactics. Reactions to the Vietnam War in America. Students study units 1 and 2 in Year 10, 3 and 4 in Year 11. Each unit is worth 25%. Units 1-3 are 1hr 15min exams and pupils have 2hrs 30mins to complete 3 tasks for Unit 4. ENGLISH Written Papers (Externally assessed) 40% Unit 1 – Reading – 20% Unit 2 – Writing - 20% Controlled Assessments (Internally assessed) 60% Unit 3 – Reading – 20% - 2 essays: Poetry/Shakespeare and Different Cultures Prose Unit 3 – Writing – 20% - 2 pieces of expressive writing Unit 4 – Speaking and Listening – 20%

8 What can I do to help ? Make sure you know the outline of the course your child is taking: These will be different dependant upon the individual course/level Know when Controlled Assessments are taking place & support your childs preparation for them: Your child will be given plenty of notice & time to prepare Know when mock examinations will be taking place & support your childs revision: Timetables will be sent home in advance Support your child (& the school) in their attendance at after school additional lessons: These will provide additional support & content which will help in individual pupil progress

9 Where can I find out more? School Website: Class Teachers Subject Leaders Mr. Cadman: Year 10 Learning Manager Parents Evenings Tracking Information

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