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GCSE Options 2013 for 2014/2015 Information Evening for Year 9 Students and Parents.

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1 GCSE Options 2013 for 2014/2015 Information Evening for Year 9 Students and Parents

2  GCSE pass grades ranging from ‘A* to G’  BTEC pass, merit and distinction  NVQ Level 1 (construction and hairdressing)  Different tiers of entry in some subjects (e.g. English, Maths, Science)  Combination of exam papers and controlled assessment for most subjects. Qualifications

3  GCSE OPTION = 1 GCSE A*-G  Double GCSE = 2 GCSEs A*-G  NVQ LEVEL 1 = GCSE D-G  NVQ LEVEL 2 = GCSE A*-C  BTEC level 2 Pass = C, Merit = B, Distinction =A QUALIFICATION VALUES

4  GCSE English and English Literature (6 hours)  GCSE Maths (6 hours.)  GCSE Double / Triple Science (9 hours.)  Single GCSE ( 5hours)  Double GCSE and NVQ (10hours)  GCSE RE (3 hours.)  Core PE (3 hours.)  PSHE (2 hr.)  Key Skills inc ICT and WRL(1 hour) Core curriculum (Generally 7/8 GCSEs) Number of hours a fortnight. We run a 2 week timetable.

5 Your child will study for English (1 GCSE) or English Language (with Literature, 2 GCSEs)


7  Those who opted for Separate Sciences at the end of Year 8 are currently completing a KS3 Science Bridging course, and in January / February 2013 they will be beginning their GCSE courses.  They will rotate between Specialist teachers for Biology, Chemistry and Physics for the rest of Year 9.  Students will sit their GCSE exams for all of the Sciences at the end of Year 11. Separate Sciences

8 Each Science subject consists of…  3 exams worth 25% each.  Controlled assessment coursework worth 25% Separate Sciences

9  Any students not in a Separate Sciences group will take GCSE Core Science in Year 10.  There are three separate exams worth 25% each that students will sit at the end of Year 10 in June 2014.  Controlled assessment is worth 25%.  Students will have a Science GCSE at the end of Year 10. Core GCSE Science

10  Students who have completed the Core Science GCSE at the end of Y10 will go on to do one of the following courses in Y11.  GCSE Additional Science  BTEC Applied Science (GCSE equivalent) Year 11 Science

11 GCSE Religious Studies Religious Studies (Full Course) All students will have the chance to take this exam and receive a full GCSE in the subject. It is 100% examination and consists of 4 examinations: 1. Philosophy 1 (25%) 2. Philosophy 2 (25%) 3.Ethics 1 (25%) 4.Ethics 2 (25%) ALL exams are taken in the summer of Y11. The course is split into two sections: Philosophy and Ethics and whilst we study these mainly from a Christian perspective, other religions will be studied as an alternative view.

12  What do you enjoy?  What are you best at?  What sort of learning suits you best?  Specific career goals and qualifications needed  Best 8  6 th Form progression Option preferences – what to consider

13 Option subjects (Generally 4 choices made 5 hours for each single option) Double Options  GCSE Applied Art and Design (equiv. to 2 GCSEs)  Construction (NVQ)  Hairdressing (NVQ) Single Options  GCSE Art and Design  GCSE Business Studies  GCSE Child Development  GCSE Music  GCSE PE  GCSE Food  GCSE Textiles  GCSE Product Design  GCSE Resistant Materials  GCSE Media  GCSE ICT  GCSE Computing  BTEC Business If your child DOES NOT study Triple Science, they must pick at least one of these options  GCSE Spanish  GCSE French  GCSE Geography  GCSE History

14 DATES:  Wednesday 4 th December Option Interview  You will also receive progress report so you can see how well you child is doing in subjects  12 th December is Year 9 Parents evening where you can discuss options with subject staff  Deadline for receipt of Option Preference Forms Friday 13 th December Key Dates

15 How are Options allocated?  You will be asked for 4 options with two reserves  You MUST put these in order of preference  If you don’t pick reserves your form will be sent back  The choices are entered into the options software and then the computer automatically put the options in blocks that BEST FITS the majority of students.  If your option choices will not fit the computer generated blocks you will be contacted.

16  Option Booklet  Blue piece of paper  List of venues  A bell will be rung to signal the end of each session to go to Tonight

17  For you to gather more information about the option subject  to ask any questions which are relevant to the subject or to your child in particular  Senior staff are also available to answer any general enquiries Purpose of these sessions

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