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How to be our best selves in the Galapagos RESPONSIBLE TOURISM.

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1 How to be our best selves in the Galapagos RESPONSIBLE TOURISM

2  Mindset:  Be open-minded!  Don’t assume what you are used to is “better” or “superior”  Respect:  Respect the cultural identity  You are not at a zoo  People don’t exist for the entertainment of tourists GENERAL CONCEPTS

3  Interactions:  Try new things  Have conversations with locals, enjoy a new perspective  Avoid saying insulting or condescending things in public, even if you think the people around can’t understand you. Many people around the world can understand partial English

4  Remember you are the guest!  Not the other way around. (Don’t expect locals to inconvenience themselves for you.)  It is a privilege to be in their home  Don’t touch others’ property or bother people/animals without permission  Respect posted limits: stay on marked trails in parks  Leave no trace! Aim to have as little impact on the place as possible

5  Research the communities you will be in.  Learn basic words in local language  Dress according to cultural norms (avoid clothing that would be considered immodest/disrespectful)  Aim to spend your money in multiple places i.e. restaurants, hotels, vendors, transportation (avoiding all- inclusive resorts) PRE-TRIP

6  Photography:  Always Ask! Be willing to pay a bit if requested  Haggling:  Do it respectfully! Aim for a fair price - the vendor is trying to make a living. Only if no price is posted.  Begging:  Better to donate to organizations. Don’t want to encourage flocking or scamming. ON THE TRIP, HOW TO APPROACH:

7  Have a buddy at all times  Have a plan for making contact if you get separated  If a situation seems off, find a way out  Know your limits  If going out at night have someone in the group as your “designated driver” ON THE TRIP: SAFETY

8  Educate your friends  Photos are a great way to document and share experience  Clarify incorrect stereotypes around you  Look into supporting organizations that address problems you witnessed  Fundar: alternative development  Galapagos Conservancy: env. Protection  Scalesia Foundation: strengthening education POST-TRIP

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