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Dating and Setting Limits Chapter 12 Lesson 3 pg 313

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1 Dating and Setting Limits Chapter 12 Lesson 3 pg 313
By Mrs. Garcia

2 Dating teens can express their affection healthy, respectful ways..

3 Dating An enjoyable experience
Develop social skills such as communication & interacting w/T opposite gender. People discover new interests, reaffirm their values, think about a person 4 T future. Infatuations develop & R natural feelings. Genuine affections come when U know ano person well. Affection is express by: Communication Listening 2 ea oTr Holding hands Hugging Spending quality time 2gether

4 Deciding to Date Different reasons 4 dating
Some choose not 2 date because they R shy Other have different interests or time commitments Because of family traditions (until a specific time) Some start by group dating 1st U develop social skills 1st Don’t focus on 1 person only Feel less self-conscious Relieves pressure of being alone

5 What to Do on a Date Depends on common interest $ person you’re with
Movie Dinner School dance Sports event When 2 people know ea oTr they will find activities they both like.

6 Sport or Athletic Activities
Athletics promote health & allow dates 2 get 2 know each other in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Events can B: Ice skating Tennis Miniature golf, Cycling Hiking Bowling Skiing Horseback riding.

7 Community Activities Zoo Local Museum Concerts Plays Painting class
Photography classes Tourist attractions

8 Charitable Activities
Volunteer Help build a house Walk-a-thon Maintain a local park or beach Attend a fund-raising event Great for group dating

9 What Can I Do to Make a Good Impression on A First Date?
Relax & B URself B honest Plan your date – something you’ll both enjoy. Be courteous – on time, B kind & respectful

10 Avoid Risk Situations Know where U R going Ask what you’ll B doing
Find out who else w/B there Discuss w/parent UR curfew Make sure U have money in case of emergency Avoid places where alcohol or oTr drugs w/B available Avoid being alone with a date at home or in an isolated place It is more difficult 2 maintain self-control Increases UR risk of being forced into a sexual act against UR will.

11 Date Relationships Choosing 2 have a relationship w/only (1) person helps develop skills & behaviors necessary in a marriage such as dignity, respect * responsibility. Dating only 1 person limits U from socializing w/Otrs & developing oTr positive relationships. Now is a time 4 trying different roles & relationships. Beginning/ending relationship is difficult but helps teen mature.

12 Setting Limits Parents/Guardians set limits 4 dating
Limits protect UR health & safety Parent establish Curfews Limits R set ahead of time As U mature U set UR own limits Places you’ll go How you’ll get there What you’ll do Limits help U avoid potential risky situations Communicate UR limit on sexual activity Practice abstinence. Rehearse avoidance techniques & refusal skills

13 When in a dating relationship remember:
UR partner should treat U w/consideration & respect. & respect UR values If pressured by UR date: say no 2 drugs or oTr high-risk activities w/o apologizing or offering an explanation. Don’t go against UR family’s values.

14 Trustworthiness When parents permit their teen 2 date, they show that they trust their children 2 mke responsible decisions. U demonstrate trustworthiness when: U use self-control & self-discipline 2 resist peer pressure U avoid high-risk behaviors demonstrates trustworthiness.

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