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The Building of the Roman Empire. A B C D E FG Using 5 visuals, make a story about the development of Roman Government.

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1 The Building of the Roman Empire

2 A B C D E FG Using 5 visuals, make a story about the development of Roman Government

3 A B C D E F G Life in Rome had two major social classes: The poor majority (Plebeians) And the wealthy Patricians. Plebeians had no rights and were at the mercy of the Patricians. Plebeians revolted and refused to work until they were given more rights. A new structure was developed which allowed Plebeians certain positions in government. Consuls and Senate for Patricians. Tribunes and Assembly for Plebeians.

4 The Republic A)In 509 BCE, Latins Rebel against the Etruscans, overthrow the King B)Established a Republic, a government in which citizens have the right to choose their leaders C)Roman Republic was NOT a democracy – citizens did not have equal rights Discipline, strength and loyalty – qualities called gravitas All male citizens could take part in politics Two social classes emerged: PatriciansPlebeians Roman aristocrats Wealthy, landowning elite Minority Roman Commoners poor workers Majority

5 Structure of Government ConsulsSenate Chosen by the Senate 2 chosen each year Head of State – commanded army Could become Dictator for 6 months in times of need Veto (I forbid) power over Senate Main lawmaking body 300 Patricians appointed for life Controlled foreign affairs Selected Dictator Tribunes 2 to 10 Chosen by Plebeian Council Could Veto actions of the Consuls and the Senate Assembly Elected by the Plebeians Approved Consuls Later given power to pass laws

6 The Twelve Tables of Law In 450B.C. the laws of the Roman Republic were engraved on 12 bronze tablets called the Twelve Tables. They were displayed in the Forum, so all citizens could see their rights. First written law code in Rome – written in 451 B.C.E. All Free citizens had equal protection under the law. Protected the rights of the Plebeians A person who admits to owing money or has been adjudged to owe money must be given 30 days to pay. An obviously deformed child must be put to death. If a father sells his son into slavery three times, the son shall be free of his father Marriages between plebeians and patricians are forbidden

7 H I A B C D E G F Using 5 of the visuals, make story about Roman Expansion.

8 H I A B C D E G F Carthage General, Hannibal, had a plan to surprise the Romans from the north Hannibal brought an army with elephants across the Med sea And over the Alps! 70,000 soldiers and 37 elephants made the journey Meanwhile, Roman General, Scipio, sailed to Carthage! After winning many battles, Hannibal returns to Carthage. Hannibal drinks poison rather than be controlled by Romans! Rome and Carthage were rivals for control over Mediterranean trade They fought a series of wars known as the Punic wars However, Scipio defeats Hannibal and burns Carthage down!

9 Expansion of Power A)Conquered Italy: By 264 BCE – Ruled all of Italy B)The Punic wars (264-146 BCE) Series of Three wars Rome defeats major rival Carthage located in Northern Africa Hannibal: Carthage General who crossed alps with army and elephants After fierce battles, Rome destroyed Carthage and controlled the Mediterranean C) Roman power soon spread throughout Europe and Northern Africa

10 Roman Conquest Central Location Powerful Army Rome was in the middle of the Italian peninsula Italy was in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea Professional armies were well-trained Accomplished Generals were brilliant strategists Roman Legions – Armed infantry of 6,000 men Conquered land and fortified towns Attitude of Superiority Sense of duty, courage, discipline Ethnocentric belief – they should rule all! Livy’s account of Cincinnatus Ability to move Army Built roads, bridges, water routes that made travel easier

11 Roman Control Organized Government Treatment of Conquered People Brought law and order to many distant lands Created written laws that all citizens followed Gave citizenship to conquered people. People were allowed to keep customs and traditions People had religious freedom but had to also pay homage to Roman Gods Improved Economy Roman roads, bridges, canals helped increase trade Size of Empire allowed for the movement of a large variety of goods – led to cultural diffusion and new technology

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