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Ch. 11, Section 1 Main idea: The United States’s political system changed under Andrew Jackson.

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1 Ch. 11, Section 1 Main idea: The United States’s political system changed under Andrew Jackson.

2 The Impact Today In the years since the Jackson era: Women, African Americans, and other minorities have won the right to vote and to participate in the political process. Today every United States citizen aged 18 or older, regardless of gender, race, or wealth, has the right to vote.

3 1. Election of 1824 4 candidates William Crawford- represented the South (Georgia) Andrew Jackson- represented the West ( Tennessee ) Henry Clay- represented the West ( Kentucky) John Quincy Adams- represented Northeast (Massachusetts)

4 2. What is a favorite son candidate? A person who received the backing or support from their home state.

5 3. Who won the popular vote in 1824? Why did he not become president? Andrew Jackson He did not receive a majority (more than half) of the electoral votes

6 4. Why did Henry Clay support John Quincy Adams? Clay wanted to be the Secretary of State.

7 5. Who became president in 1824? John Quincy Adams People accused Clay and Adams of making a “corrupt bargain” and stealing the election.,mtj,mal,scsm,mjm,mcc,papr,pin,presp,mgw,nfor

8 Election of 1828 6. Democratic Republican candidate: Andrew Jackson National Republican candidate: John Quincy Adams

9 7. During the campaign, both parties resorted to MUDSLINGING- attempting to RUIN THEIR OPPONENT’S REPUTATION.

10 8. Who switched parties to run with Jackson as his vice- president? John C. Calhoun Calhoun supported states’ rights!

11 9. Jackson won the election by a LANDSLIDE- an overwhelming majority.

12 10. Why did most Americans admire Andrew Jackson? He was just like them…”ordinary man.” Born in a log cabin.

13 11. What was President Jackson’s nickname? Old Hickory He was tough as a hickory stick...\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\KPU7KLUJ\j0388354[1]. wav

14 12. President Jackson promised equal protection and equal benefits for all Americans – at least white men.

15 13. By 1828, 22 of the states changed their constitutions to allow the people, rather than the state legislatures, to choose presidential electors.

16 14. The Democrats were disturbed that the federal government had become a bureaucracy, a system in which nonelected officials carry out the laws.

17 15. What is the spoils system? Rewarding political supporters with government office

18 15.

19 16. Caucuses were replaced by nominating conventions in which delegates from the state selected the party’s presidential candidate.

20 17. When and where did the Democrats hold their first national party convention? Baltimore, Maryland 1832 1832 was the first election in which the candidates were nominated by national nominating conventions. Democrats met in Baltimore and overwhelmingly nominated Andrew Jackson. Henry Clay was nominated by the National Republicans at their convention in Baltimore.

21 18. What is a tariff? Fee paid by merchants on imported goods.

22 19. In 1828, Congress passed a very high tariff on manufactured goods from Europe. The Northeast welcomed the tariff because Americans were more likely to buy American made goods. Buy American!!!!

23 20. What did Southerners call the tariff? Tariff of Abominations Why? Because it forced consumers to buy American made goods.

24 21. Some Southerners called for the Southern states to secede – break away from the United States.


26 22. What was the Webster- Hayne debate over? Do the states have the right to break away from the Union?



29 23. President Jackson supported the preservation of the Union. “Our federal union…it must be preserved.” Vice President Calhoun still supported states’ rights. “The Union, next to our liberty most dear.”

30 24. What was the Nullification Act? South Carolina’s state legislature declared that it would not pay the “illegal” tariffs of 1828 and 1832.


32 Compromise Henry Clay proposed a compromise bill that would gradually lower the tariff.

33 The Force Bill allowed President Jackson to use the U.S. military to enforce acts of Congress. **lesson learned- the federal government would not allow a state to go its own way without a fight.

34 Checking for Understanding __ leave or withdraw __ 2.attempt to ruin an opponent’s reputation with insults __ 3.candidate that receives the backing of his home state rather than of the national party __ overwhelming victory __ 5.largest single share A.favorite son B.plurality C.mudslinging D.landslide E.secede

35 Checking for Understanding Reviewing Facts Why did the House of Representatives select the president in the 1824 presidential election? No candidate received a majority of electoral votes.

36 Reviewing Themes Continuity and Change What election practices used in the 1828 presidential campaign are still used today? Mudslinging, election slogans, rallies, buttons, and staged events to arouse voter enthusiasm are still used today.

37 Drawing Conclusions What was the main reason President Adams was not popular with the Democratic-Republicans? He tried to make the federal government too powerful. Critical Thinking


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