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Releasing the Entrepreneur Within

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1 Releasing the Entrepreneur Within
John Thompson Roger M Bale Professor of Entrepreneurship Huddersfield University Business School HEA Enterprise & Employability Workshop 31 January 2007

2 My Questions for Today What do we mean by enterprise and entrepreneurship How do we develop and support each of them What do we make available to whom? Do we need to identify students with entrepreneurial potential? If so, how? And then what do we do?

3 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Having ideas and doing something about them – a way of behaving Entrepreneurship Interest in start-up and self-employment

4 Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
In the Curriculum Adjunct to the Curriculum

5 ‘Enterprise’ Workshops Identified as having potential
Entrepreneurship ‘Prepare for’ One - to - one Mentoring etc. ‘Enterprise’ Workshops ‘Teach about’ Enterprise & entrepreneurship modules All Students Identified as having potential

6 Developing New Businesses
The three inter-twined transformations: The idea into a product The ‘entrepreneur-in-waiting’ into a ‘competent practitioner’ The ‘spare bedroom’ into an organisation

Temperament Talent Technique

8 THE ENTREPRENEUR’S FACETS - The six character themes

Social Creativity Focus Outer Ego Advantage Inner Ego January 2007 Team

10 The Entrepreneur Indicator
30 ‘balanced’ questions Instant ‘outline’ feeedback Foundation for support and mentoring Password access only

11 The Entrepreneur Indicator
Raw scores/ metrics are only part of it! The Talent Chain Inner-Outer Ego Balance The Talent-Temperament Relationship The Strength of Team The Presence (or otherwise) of Social


13 Discussion Questions Do we want to select students and offer them distinctive/customised support If so, how? And what are we going to look for? Do we want to provide a comprehensive enabling packaging – with advice, coaching and mentoring? How do we engineer an effective match between would-be entrepreneur and enabler?

14 Key references Focus on the Entrepreneur -
Achieve your Potential Bill Bolton & John Thompson Thomson Learning 2002 Enabling Entrepreneurs – Maximising Effectiveness in Advising, Coaching, Mentoring and Incubating New Businesses John Thompson University of Huddersfield/ UK Business Incubation 2006

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