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Welcome to our Librarians’ Day: Supporting Departments and Students

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1 The Higher Education Academy Engineering and Information and Computer Sciences Subject Centres
Welcome to our Librarians’ Day: Supporting Departments and Students Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

2 Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC
Housekeeping Fire exits Toilets Photographs Refreshments Taxis Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

3 About the Subject Centres …
From 2004 Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

4 The Higher Education Academy
formed in May 2004 from a merger of the Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ILTHE), the Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN), and the TQEF National Co-ordination Team (NCT) 24 subject centres located in universities across the UK form the Subject Network of the Academy Central office in York Funded by grants from the four UK funding bodies, subscriptions from higher education institutions, and grant and contract income for specific initiatives. Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

5 The HE Academy’s mission and focus
Its mission is to help institutions, discipline groups and all staff to provide the best possible learning experience for their students. Triple focus Institutional support - in support of institutional strategies and leading the development of research and evaluation National policy - an authoritative and independent voice on policies that influence the student learning experience Subject and staff development -  lead, support and inform the professional development and recognition of staff in higher education. Promote good practice and provide quality information, advice and resources. Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

6 Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC
The Subject Centres Funded through the Academy (~£0.5 M p.a.) to July 2009 Information and Computer Sciences, located at University of Ulster and Loughborough University Engineering, located at Loughborough University 22 other subject centres across the UK Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

7 Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC
What do we do? Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

8 Provide information, advice, support …..
… on curriculum development, learning, teaching and student assessment. Website key communications channels news and events activities networks – national and international guides, case studies, materials for new lecturers, book, video and software reviews plus resources of relevance to learning and teaching in a searchable database Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

9 Networking, brokering, sharing …..
.. with all our stakeholders including: Engineering and Information and Computer Science academics across the UK professional bodies and networks other subject centres and Academy York generic organisations students academic support staff Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

10 Promote good practice and innovation…
… in learning and teaching newsletter e-bulletin departmental contacts visits to departments. Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

11 Develop and recognise good practice and innovation
Funding for Mini-Projects and Development Projects (~ £3500) Special Interest Groups (~ £1500) Teaching Awards (Engineering) Student Awards (essay competition) Mark Russell The programme developed, delivered, collected, marked and provided feedback for the weekly-assessed tasks of individual students. Went on to get e-tutor award, and NTFS This project explores the use of animated examples to enhance students’ learning of structures in the built environment. It will create a number of animations illustrating the physical behaviour of structures and develop an on-line learning environment to accommodate the animations and facilitate their use by students. Subsequent tests will be designed with answers and feedback, which can be used as formative assessment to underpin students’ learning. The resources produced will be made available through the Engineering Subject Centre e-Learning repository. This Special Interest Group, co-ordinated by Chris Preece, University of Leeds aims to develop a network of those involved in teaching aspects of business development and marketing to engineers. The group aims to provide a forum for business development and marketing practitioners from a range of engineering consultancies and contractors to develop and test a broad curriculum for the teaching of business development and marketing to engineers, identifying appropriate learning resources and instigating the development of case study materials to support engineering students. Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

12 Provide subject specific support for professional development …
... for new lecturers and continuing professional development programme of workshops for academics on key topics new lecturers’ workshop working with professional bodies and institutional staff developers Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

13 Development of research in engineering pedagogy
increasing understanding and awareness commissioning new research promoting research – new journal Engineering Education: the Journal of the Higher Education Academy Engineering Subject Centre Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

14 Current themes and areas of activity
Widening Participation Student Retention and Motivation Recruitment and Working with Schools Mathematics Assessment and feedback Problem and Project Based Learning e-Learning Creativity Personal Development Planning Employability Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education for Sustainable Development Ethics Foundation Degrees Work-based Learning Internationalisation Linking research and teaching External examining Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

15 Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC
Today ….. On opportunity to explore ‘hot topics’ find out what’s going on across the UK exchange ideas with colleagues from other institutions tell us how we can support you in your role Network! Carol Arlett, Manager, EngSC

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