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Welcome Croeso Cardiff EDC News May 2011. helping you find out about the European Union and the countries of Europe promoting debate about the EU and.

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1 Welcome Croeso Cardiff EDC News May 2011

2 helping you find out about the European Union and the countries of Europe promoting debate about the EU and European issues encouraging you to ask questions, give your opinions and make suggestions to the EU

3 Europe Day 9 May 2011

4 Europe Day Quiz Monday 9 May 2011 @ 7:00pm Free Buffet To mark Europe Day 2011 the European Documentation Centre is organising a light-hearted EURO-QUIZ to test your knowledge of all things European – current affairs, the people and countries of Europe, food and drink, history, sport and the arts (and a few questions about the European Union). There is no cost to take part, and a buffet with wine and soft drinks will be provided. During the evening we will be taking a collection for charity. Make up a team of up to four and sign up by contacting by 4 May 2011



7 Details of 2010-11 language courses now available French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish plus Croat, Greek, Polish, Russian and Turkish Jamie Pearce

8 Forthcoming talks and events in Cardiff with a European theme

9 Further information Jenny Hulin Email:

10 Further information Prof. Stijn Smismans Email: Jean Monnet Chair Seminar Series Peter Bonnor: The European Ombudsman – A Guardian of Good Governance Thursday 12 May 2011, at 12.30, Room 1.28 Cardiff Law School

11 Further information Prof. Stijn Smismans Email: Multi-level governance in the wider Europe: taking governance seriously Conference at the initiative of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Law and Governance Centre for European Law and Governance Cardiff University 7 and 8 July 2011

12 Website:



15 In the News… Turku (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia) European Capitals of Culture 2011

16 In the News… Hungary holds the EU Presidency for the period January – June 2011 Website: http://www.eu2011.hu

17 In the News… 3 May 2011 European Commission adopts a new Biodiversity Strategy

18 In the News… 4 May 2011 European Commission adopts a Communication on Migration Report Communication on Migration Report The Commission presents its initiatives for a more structured, comprehensive, rapid- response approach from the EU to the migration challenges in the Mediterranean. The Commission initiatives cover various aspects of migration such as strengthened border control and Schengen governance, better targeted legal migration, enhanced dissemination of best practices on integration, completion of the Common European Asylum System, and a strategic approach for relations with third countries on migration. These initiatives come in addition to the urgent short-term measures already taken by the Commission to deal with the migration situation in the Mediterranean and migration pressures on frontline Member States.

19 In the News… 7 May 2011


21 In the News… 15-21 May 2011 European Youth Week 2011 EYW 2011 will see events in 33 countries as well as activities in Brussels and Antwerp. Antwerp is the 2011 European Youth Capital and will host a debate on Youth on the Move between the European Commission, young people and youth experts. The latest Eurobarometer results on youth in Europe will also be presented. Outstanding European Voluntary Service projects granted by the Youth in Action programme will be awarded during a ceremony.

22 Travelling around Europe? Find out your rights… Rail – Air – People with reduced mobility…

23 112 is the common telephone number to ring in ALL EU Member States to get through to the Emergency Services

24 Recently published reports on topics relating to Wales and Europe…

25 Click on the image to link to the report




29 Looking for information on these subjects or anything else connected with Europe? Please ask EDC staff or use


31 April 2008 – March 2012 is now freely available to libraries, schools and public bodies in Wales Please ask for details

32 Sign up to receive information at:

33 A new electronic one-stop-shop for access to justice information throughout the EU

34 New: The UK European Consumer Centre for Services provides general information on consumer laws and rights when buying a service in another EU member state, as well as contact details for organisations that could provide practical assistance in the case of a dispute.


36 Look out for the launch of… CITZALIA a new virtual role-playing game and social networking forum to boost citizens' understanding of how the EU works

37 Try out two new educational games from the European Central Bank CONOMIA + INFLATION ISLAND

38 Welcome to the Youtube space of the European Union

39 Find out what is happening… Give your opinions…

40 EU Citizenship resources available… Further information

41 Welsh Members of the European Parliament 2009-2014 Jill Evans Kay Swinburne Derek Vaughan John Bufton Click on image to connect to MEPs website

42 Elections in Europe May 2011 United Kingdom Referendum 5 May 2011 [A referendum to adopt an alternative vote (AV) electoral system] Malta Referendum 28 May 2011 [A referendum to make divorce legal. Malta is the only European country where divorce is illegal] Cyprus Parliamentary Election 22 May 2011


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