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Merry Christmas Nadolig Llawen Seasons Greetings from Ian, Ceri and Ronen … and all our interns

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1 Merry Christmas Nadolig Llawen Seasons Greetings from Ian, Ceri and Ronen … and all our interns

2 helping you find out about the European Union and the countries of Europe promoting debate about the EU and European issues encouraging you to ask questions, give your opinions and make suggestions to the EU

3 Cardiff EDC is on Facebook

4 Cardiff EDC Internship Programme Join us as a part time or full time intern at the Cardiff EDC for the academic year 2012-13 Part time interns work with us for three hours a week and also participate in Cardiff EDC events Enjoyable and Instructive Further information: or email:

5 Cardiff EDC event Thursday 6 December 2012 @ 5:45 pm What Europe means to me Twelve young Europeans speak from the head and the heart about what Europe means to them in 2012 Organised jointly by the Cardiff EDC and the CELAG Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Cardiff University Moderator: Dr Jo Hunt, Cardiff Law School

6 Details of 2012 language courses now available French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish plus Croat, Polish, Russian and Turkish

7 Cardiff is named European Capital for Sport Cardiff has been successful in securing the prestigious title of European Capital of Sport 2014. The announcement was made by officials from the European Capitals of Sports Association (ACES) at an event held in Valencia this week. It was recognised that Cardiff has firmly established itself as a leading city for sport, offering state of the art stadiums and facilities including the Millennium Stadium, SWALEC Stadium and Cardiff International Sport Stadium. Leader of the Council, Cllr Rodney Berman said: "There is no denying the city already has a fantastic sporting pedigree. Ther e is no den ying the city alre ady has a fant astic spor ting pedi gree. Cardiff has been named European Capital of Sport 2014


9 European Capitals of Culture 2012 Guimarães (Portugal) and Maribor (Slovenia)

10 Cyprus holds the EU Presidency for the period July-December 2012

11 In the News… Wednesday 5 December 2012 Youth Employment Package The Commission presents a Communication on a Youth Employment Package with concrete proposals and measures aimed at combating youth unemployment.

12 In the News… Thursday 6 December 2012 Package to fight tax evasion and aggressive tax planning The European Commission adopts a comprehensive package to strengthen the fight against tax evasion and aggressive tax planning in the EU.

13 In the News… Thursday 6 December 2012 Consumer Protection Get safe on-line when purchasing games, books, videos or music, urges the EU The Commission presents the initial findings of the 2012 Sweep, an EU wide screening of websites selling games, books, videos and music, which can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device. The check shows that a huge number of these websites do not appear to comply with consumer protection rules.

14 In the News… Monday 10 December 2012 European Union receives the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012

15 In the News… Wednesday 19 December 2012 European action plan for entrepreneurs To bring Europe back to growth, more entrepreneurs are needed. The Commission proposes a blueprint for a new culture of entrepreneurship in Europe, by mobilising Member States and all stakeholders to tap into the potential of millions of Europeans ready to become their own boss.

16 Christmas around Europe Max Barth (Sweden)

17 Christmas around Europe Jenny Catherine (United Kingdom)

18 Nadolig Llawen Christmas around Europe Declan Evans (Wales)

19 Christmas around Europe Johanna Fischer (Germany)

20 Christmas around Europe Nicolas Gouvernel (France)

21 Christmas around Europe Katri Kaikkonen (Finland)

22 Christmas around Europe Marianne Mujunen (Finland)

23 Christmas around Europe Stanislava Petrova (Bulgaria)

24 Christmas around Europe Anna Richards (Wales)

25 Christmas around Europe Eros Rrodhe (United Kingdom)

26 Christmas around Europe Paola Sanna (Italy)

27 Christmas around Europe Robert Stevenette (United Kingdom)

28 Travelling around Europe? Find out about your rights… Rail – Air – People with reduced mobility…


30 European Citizens Initiative Launched 1 April 2012

31 Find out what is happening … Give your opinions and participate...

32 Welsh Members of the European Parliament 2009-2014 Jill Evans Kay Swinburne Derek Vaughan John Bufton Click on image to connect to MEPs website

33 Elections in Europe December 2012 Romania Legislative Election 9 December

34 Looking for information on these subjects or anything else connected with Europe? Please ask EDC staff or use



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