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NEWCASTLE SCIENCE CITY Prosperity from Science for Newcastle Estelle Chatard Newcastle Science City 9 th February 2009.

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1 NEWCASTLE SCIENCE CITY Prosperity from Science for Newcastle Estelle Chatard Newcastle Science City 9 th February 2009

2 Overview Newcastle Science City –Policy Context: local/global –Key Activities Newcastle Innovation Machine –Insight-led Innovation –De-risking the entrepreneurial process Concluding remarks

3 Understanding the National Perspective: Increasing investment in the science base partly driven by desire to raise business competitiveness and economic benefit via innovation Build on National initiatives to maintain world- class research capacity to sustain global positions: UK should benefit from science and innovation outside of South East A wider range of partners to be involved including Universities

4 Local Perspectives Regional Development Agencies looking to local universities and triple helix partnerships to contribute to city and regional performance through knowledge exploitation – From Strategy for Success –To Innovation Connectors

5 Innovation Connectors Rooting the global in the local Ensuring some of the economic benefits arising from public investment in the science base sticks within the domestic economy (local, regional, national) via spinouts, transforming established businesses and attracting science based inward investment Nurturing, attracting and retaining talent – schools, work based university learning, graduate retention in local business, returning alumni, business orientated academics Putting geography into the triple helix of government / industry / university relations to create prosperity from Science

6 Prosperity from Science for Newcastle Newcastle Science City

7 A Branded way of working in partnership 3 Founding Partners: One NorthEast Newcastle University Newcastle City Council Building the partnership Locally: Northumbria University, International Centre for Life, NHS, Centres of Excellence … Nationally: 6 Science Cities… Internationally: EU Projects


9 Building the Partnership Extending the partnership and promoting the partnership Manage the Newcastle Science City brand on behalf of all stakeholders and Science Citizens Building a Portfolio

10 Science Road Mapping Stem Cells & Genetic SciencesAgeing & Health Molecular Engineering Energy & Environment

11 Cleaning up polluted water in disused mines A Great Brand for Newcastle and the city-region

12 Building a Portfolio Design Open Innovation Research & Development Incubation SMEs and Start- ups Schools Communities

13 Infrastructure For Science and Business

14 Education Education in schools, FEIs and HEIs Skills Community Engagement Public Engagement

15 INNOVATION The Newcastle Innovation Machine (NIM)

16 Why NIM? Innovation recognised as a driver for economic and social growth Creating more high-growth businesses recognised as a need in the North East Innovation can happen in many places and be implemented using different approaches and tools

17 The Challenge

18 NIM in context Invention Technology Idea BUSINESS Unmet Need BUSINESS Technology Push Market Pull Market Research, Money, People IP Building IP through technological, customer, supply and business model insights

19 NIM in context (2) Innovation is the creation of an unfair competitive advantage through bright ideas that people will pay money for An entrepreneurial person will take this innovative approach to create a high- growth business

20 NIM aims and objectives NIM is a unique entrepreneurial model. The aim is to identify unmet needs and help establish businesses to satisfy that need. Creating and growing a number of high growth business in the North East (£10m t/o after 5 years) De-risking the entrepreneurial process: attracting entrepreneurial personalities to develop the Innovation Machine

21 NEEDNEED BUSINESS Insights Opportunities Interim Managers Tools and support SolutionsFinance PeoplePartners IP

22 NIM will set up a scalable and coachable model based on insight and needs driven innovation. The project will be based on three synergistic components: –Insight led identification of unmet needs and business case consultancy; –Interim management, and fronting the investment; –Funding with controlled exit

23 NSC Today A strong partnership committed for the long term A clear programme of activities delivering added value to the city Innovative activities to start now


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