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Climate is the prevailing weather of a region.

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1 KEY CONCEPT Climate is a key abiotic factor that affects the biosphere.

2 Climate is the prevailing weather of a region.
Climate is the long-term pattern of weather conditions. average temperature precipitation relative humidity Key factors shape an area’s climate. temperature sunlight water wind

3 A microclimate is the climate of a small specific place within a larger area.

4 Earth has three main climate zones.
The three main zones are the polar, tropical, and temperate climates. polar climate: the far northern and southern regions of Earth tropical zone: surrounds the equator temperate zone: the wide area in between the polar and tropical zones

5 The angle of the Sun’s rays help determine an area’s climate.
temperate polar tropical 90 N

6 Earth’s tilt on its axis plays a role in seasonal change.
Solar heating causes movements in both water and air. wind ocean currents Earth’s rotation also has effects on the winds and currents

7 Landmasses shape inland climates.
larger changes in temperatures less precipitation Oceans shape coastal climates. smaller changes in temperatures higher humidity more precipitation

8 Mountains have an effect on climate.
Precipitation occurs on the side of the mountain facing the wind. On the downwind side, drier and cooler air produce a rain shadow. A rain shadow is an area of decreased precipitation. western slope eastern slope

9 Many organisms survive in a specific climate due to their adaptations.

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