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Warm Up Compare weather vs. climate.

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1 Warm Up Compare weather vs. climate.
List three factors that determine global climate.

2 4.1 Climate

3 Weather – day to day conditions of the atmosphere.
Climate - What are long-term weather patterns. (year-after-year patterns) -average temperature -precipitation -relative humidity

4 What factors determine global climate?
Sunlight Water Wind Ocean Currents Latitude Solar energy trapped in the biosphere Mountains/Elevation

5 Earth has three main climate zones.
The three main zones are the polar, tropical, and temperate climates. Polar zone: the far northern and southern regions of Earth Tropical zone: surrounds the equator Temperate zone: the wide area in between the polar and tropical zones

6 The angle of the Sun’s rays help determine an area’s climate.
Coldest temperate polar tropical 90 N Arctic Circle 66.50N Winter/summer Tropic of Cancer 23.50N Equator 00 Most sunlight Tropic of Capricorn 23.50S Antarctic Circle 66.50S

7 Wind Currents Polar Easterlies – Current moves from the poles and to the west Westerlies – Current moves from west to east Eastern Trade Winds – Current moves west and towards the equator 66.50N Westerlies 23.50N Eastern Trade Winds Equator 00 23.50S Westerlies 66.50S

8 Ocean Currents

9 4.1 Microclimate - the climate of a small specific place within a larger area.

10 Climate Graph / Climatograph
Shows the average rainfall and temperature for a biome!!

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