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Selling Yourself: How to stand out from the crowd NIHR Trainee Conference Isabelle Read 20 th September 2011.

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1 Selling Yourself: How to stand out from the crowd NIHR Trainee Conference Isabelle Read 20 th September 2011

2 This session Will be participative and productive You will have started to think about your own personal proposition You will have created and tested your elevator speech You will have started to think about your network

3 Your academic qualifications, research and what you have published are a given…. You will not get funding just on your thinking… Research is competitive: What will give you the edge? What will make you someone they want to work with?

4 What are the facts? People buy People First Impressions Count Relationships are important

5 First impressions People make very quick impressions, assumptions and decisions People take in data from different sources The words we use 8% The tone of our voice (the music) 37% Body language (the dance) 55% Research by Albert Mehrabian They also notice if these 3 elements are congruent or not What else do people notice about us?

6 Things people notice… Your physical appearance Your energy levels and your enthusiasm Your accent & voice Your handshake and eye contact Your level of confidence How you interact with them (and others) – as an equal? – do you remember their name? – are you friendly? – are you competitive? – are you interested in them? – do you listen well? – do you concentrate or peer over their shoulder?! – your understanding of their position/point of view – do you encourage others? Whether or not they like you Your assertiveness Your clarity Your drive & initiative Your tenacity Your values Your humour The things you dont say The connections you make The people you are connected to Your preparation, your attention to detail, your follow up And, and…

7 Exercise: First Impressions, increasing our self-awareness You are invited to talk to one other person preferably that you dont know Feedback is a gift: be as honest as you can about what you have noticed about the other person and the impression you are forming of them This is how it works: – Find out about the other person for 1 minute. Who are you? Tell me about yourself… – Swap round, now find out about your partner for 1 minute – Spend 1 minute each in turn giving your partner feedback on your impression of them

8 What is your proposition, your edge? Know what you are selling Why should anyone fund you? – What kind of person are you? – What do you stand for? – What is important to you? – What is your uniqueness? – What footprint do you want to leave behind? – Standing here in 5,10,15 years time what do you want to have achieved? Your elevator speech – buy this product (me), and you will get this specific benefit

9 Elevator Speech What should it contain:- – A hook A statement or question that piques their interest to want to hear more. – Passion People are drawn to others with energy and enthusiasm – Concise information Short punchy statements about you - Request It can also contain a request – for a meeting, another contact, for information etc.

10 Exercise: My proposition In threes help each other to think/talk through some questions (Why should anyone fund you? questions) Create your elevator speech In groups of three: – One person gives a 1 minute elevator speech (someone else keeps time and stops them). My name is X and I … – Other two/three people give feedback and challenge about the content and how they are coming across as a person. Dont be too polite, say if it doesnt work for you, you dont understand it, or if it doesnt sound authentic. Offer suggestions for improvement. – Repeat with next person

11 Hitch your wagon to a star Ralph Waldo Emerson

12 12 Only a Small Number of Potential Drivers Are Effective Corporate Leadership Council 2006

13 Mapping my network You need to be proactive, only you can make it happen: Begin to list your network – think broadly about those who could help/support you to get on and reach your goal/s What level are they? Who else might they know? What can you do for them? (important to create mutual benefit) What type of questions will you ask them? – Note down the questions – How are you going to contact them? – What is the best medium to use – email, seminar, face-to-face meeting, third party introduction?

14 Some tips for networking… Keep your relationships alive…dont just call people up when you want something. People also have short memories Doing less, but well, can be more… Personalise each contact – blanket mailings are a turn- off Treat people as human beings not job titles/roles Where possible make connections through mutual acquaintances….cold calling is tougher People who have recently found jobs or been promoted are often great sources of information and referral Be clear about what help you want from somebody – and ask for it!

15 Its not what you know… I want to be a Professor of x in 10 years time What is my goal? name Who would it be good to connect to and why?

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