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1 Networking : Preparing for today’s event Sept 20121 The Careers and Employability Service

2 Networking Sept 2012 2 What is it and why it’s important to network Where to network Preparing to Network How to network Using your network

3 What is networking Informal fact finding Getting to know who’s who and what’s what A chance to demonstrate your attitude/ aptitude/enthusiasm and interest to people who may be able to open/unlock recruitment doors for you…. It could help you to: explore your career ideas, arrange work shadowing, obtain an informational interview, gain work experience, target your CV, secure a job

4 Why? Sept 2012 4 Job hunting is competitive If have personal referral more likely to get an interview Essential for some areas Some jobs are never advertised Some jobs are created for the individual Can be particularly important for MMU graduates!

5 You already have networks! Sept 2012 5 Family, friends, family of friends, friends of family Colleagues, previous employers and tutors

6 Expanding your network Sept 2012 6 Careers fairs/employer presentations Trade exhibitions Open days On-line Conferences Guest lectures Competitions Professional organisations connected to your career interest Career Mentor – get one through MentorMatch Plus…. Talk to everyone you can think of about your career goals

7 Working the Ignite Event Sept 2012 7 Switch off your phone! Get yourself in a positive mood and be confident Think about what you want to get out of this event Look at the person you are meeting Listen attentively Think: Everyone here wants to meet me as much as I want to meet them!

8 Questions you could ask Sept 2012 8 What do you do during a typical day in your job? What are the most/least interesting parts of your job? What skills, qualifications and qualities are vital for getting into the field and for getting promoted? How is the profession changing? What kind of work culture exists in your organisation? What kind of people seem to thrive there? What sort of person is suited to a career in your field? What entry level jobs are best for learning about the job and for getting ahead? How would these be filled normally? Quick exercise: use the post- its provided to note several questions you’d like to use with employers today

9 Working the room Sept 2012 9 S smile H handshake I eye contact N name E enthusiasm

10 Working the room Sept 2012 10 Approach from the front so the person can see you Avoid tapping shoulders or clearing your throat Put out your hand ‘hello I am’ and then outline the reasons for presenting yourself

11 Starting the conversation Sept 2012 11 Look at the person Avoid folding your arms -it appears you are not an open person Avoid slouching or standing to attention Keep your hands away from your hair and face Stand in an open position – it encourages others to join you

12 Building the conversation Sept 2012 12 Have a pitch prepared Be prepared with questions and conversational topics in mind Top tips: Ask open ended questions that are not answered by a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ Be curious – it is always pleasant to meet somebody who appears interested in who you are and what you have to say Ask relevant questions and really listen to the answers Build up to your ‘killer’ question

13 Ending the conversation Sept 2012 13 Watch out for the boredom signals and if spotted change tack quickly Learn how to move away with panache

14 Hospitality etiquette Sept 2012 14 Chance to mingle and make small talk Circulate and talk to people – don’t hang out by the buffet Your main aim is not to eat

15 Conclusion Sept 2012 15 Always ask initially for help and advice, not for a job Always ensure you say thank you to people for giving you their time Make a record of your contacts, what they do and what they might be able to offer Follow up any leads promptly Keep your network contacts warm – utilise social media Ask us if you need more advice and good luck

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