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Constitutional Convention

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1 Constitutional Convention

2 What events and economic conditions occurred after the Revolutionary War?
Economic depression No states south of Pennsylvania abolished slavery Shay’s Rebellion Weak Articles of Confederation

3 Think/Pair/Share What was Shay’s Rebellion?

4 Shay’s Rebellion Started in 1786
Hard taxes to pay off the States war debt made Massachusetts farmers rebel. Led by Daniel Shay Created panic This made many people feel that a strong government was needed to control such violent acts.

5 Think/Pair/Share Could our new federal government stop rebellions under the Articles of Confederation? Why or Why not?

6 Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
The national government could not force the states to obey its laws. It did not have the power to tax. It did not have the power to enforce laws. Congress lacked strong and steady leadership There was no national army or navy There was no system of national courts Each state could issue its own paper money Each state could put tariffs on trade between states.

7 The Constitutional Convention
Where? 53 delegates met in absolute secrecy in Philadelphia in Independence hall 30 delegates attended every day When? Summer of 1787 The Purpose? The goal was to revise the Articles of Confederation It was quickly decided to replace it

8 Virginia Plan vs. New Jersey Plan
Small States Large States



11 Virginia Plan vs. New Jersey Plan
Supported by big states Bicameral (2 houses) 1-elected by people, 2-elected by first house # of congress determined by population New Jersey Supported by small states Unicameral (1 house) Based on equality Each state same # of Representatives The Great Compromise Bicameral (2 house) House of Representatives determined by population Senate (each state has 2)

12 3/5 Compromise South wanted slaves to count in population
Decided to count 3/5 total number of slaves as population 5 blacks=3 whites for the state population (but slaves still couldn’t vote)

13 Think/Pair/Share With a neighbor compare and contrast the Virginia Plan vs. the New Jersey Plan.

14 Think/Pair/Share Out of the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan what was created that combined a bit of both? Discuss what it entailed.

15 Think/Pair/Share What was the 3/5 Compromise?

16 Two sides make the Great Compromise

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