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A survey of geo-spatial data needs Barbara Morris Digimap.Plus Project Officer.

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1 A survey of geo-spatial data needs Barbara Morris Digimap.Plus Project Officer

2 JISC eLib Digimap.Plus Project Digimap Project (1996-2001) EDINA Digimap national service launched (2000) –on launch of Digimap service, renamed Digimap.Plus On-going research issues include – changing landscape (air photographs, historic maps) –assisting the JISC in prioritising development of geo-spatial data content within the DNER

3 Geo-data needs survey methodology Short survey by email of all staff and postgraduates in UK Higher Education with potential interest in geo-data –Digimap and UKBorders users –Learning and Teaching Subject networks –relevant JISCMail lists –5000 users surveyed Longer survey by post or web –respondents to email (100 approx.) –budget holders (Librarians/Heads of Computing Services - 150) Publishing the results –EDINA web site –JISC GWG

4 Requests for Ordnance Survey products OS Products not currently available in Digimap and seen as absolutely or very important: ADDRESS-POINT –52 % respondents Land-Form PROFILE –39 % respondents 1:10,000 Raster Data (LandPlan) –50% respondents 1:50,000 Colour Raster –30% respondents

5 Requests for products from other vendors Geological Survey Hydrographic Survey Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Environment Agency Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland Eurostat IKONOS, USGS, NASA

6 Software expertise GIS Image processing Visualisation CAD

7 Existing and future geo-data requirements non-OS 20 % respondents identified Digital / Aerial Photography from a specific data producer 16 % respondents identified Code Point/ UK Post Codes Digital Aerial Photography Code Point/UK Post Codes Landcover Geology Postal and Census Boundaries/Census Data Soil Survey Data Remote Imaging

8 Geo-data handling Standard file formats Software specific formats Printable graphical formats ESRI Arcshape and TIFF the most popular methods of handling downloaded data

9 Requirement for Aerial Photography Cities Revealed aerial photography –view and create hardcopy prints –download user defined extent –currently pilot service –accessible via stand alone web application and in future Carto –70% respondents - require Aerial Photography for a specific geographic region © The GeoInformation Group, Cities Revealed © Crown Copyright Ordnance Survey

10 Requirement for Historical Data Ordnance Survey County Series view imagery and create hardcopy prints number technical problems delayed pilot service stand alone web application © OS/Landmark Information Group Locally licensed data eg. XYZ street map for Edinburgh university users View alongside OS Land-Line

11 Digimap infrastructure can deliver other datasets which could be locally licensed data –Terms and conditions negotiated separately Edinburgh University users –XYZ Edinburgh street map –Cities Revealed Edinburgh Geo-Data Portal very important –95% survey respondents Future developments - locally licensed data © XYZ Digital Map Company Ltd 2000

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