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Geo-spatial and Visualisation L&T materials - the e-MapScholar project Moira Massey ALT-C 2002 University of Sunderland.

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1 Geo-spatial and Visualisation L&T materials - the e-MapScholar project Moira Massey ALT-C 2002 University of Sunderland

2 Project Aims and Duration e-MapScholar aims to produce a range of materials that encourage and support the use of spatial data, including the digital map data available from EDINA Digimap, in learning and teaching These materials are: –Teaching Case Studies –Online learning materials –Virtual Placement Duration of e-MapScholar: January 2001 to April 2003

3 The EDINA Digimap service Digimap is a web-based mapping service, offering access to Ordnance Survey digital map data National service, serving 72 HE institutions Digimap offers an easy-to-use, map-based interface, allowing: –creation of maps on-screen –printing of high quality maps –downloading of digital map data for use in GIS or graphics packages –advanced cartographic services e.g. combining of datasets, changing scale

4 e-MapScholar - collaborative project Funded by JISC Led by EDINA Associate Partners: Dept of Geography, University of Edinburgh; Dept of Geomatics, University of Newcastle; Institute of Educational Technology, Open University Advisors and Associates from: LTSN Subject Centres GEES and Built Environment; LTU at University of Aberdeen; Dept of Information Science at City University; Netskills at University of Newcastle; and Ordnance Survey Teaching colleagues from around the UK have been funded to write case studies and online materials

5 e-MapScholar will provide... A range of Teaching Case Studies in various subject disciplines Online learning materials in Working with Digital Map Data, Integrating Spatial Data and Data Visualisation Online materials include interactive tools for use by students to illustrate key concepts and perform some basic analytical tasks Managed via a Content Management System that allows lecturers to customise materials through provision of discipline and place specific examples Virtual Placement - subject of which is a wind farm development in Wales

6 Current Status of Project A number of case studies to be released for general use soon Others to be added up to end of project Beta testing of online learning materials starts November/December in 3/4 trial sites Beta testing of content management system to take place January in 3/4 trial sites Virtual placement currently being trialled - more content to be added Release of all project outputs to community May 2003

7 Teaching Case Studies... Materials given to the class Descriptions Pedagogical details Technical and support requirements Evaluations by students and staff where possible Reflection by author 10 funded by JISC Further number funded by OS In a variety of subject disciplines

8 Customisable online learning materials Learning materials are being developed as learning objects, at unit and resource level A core set of units is being authored which teaching staff can customise Teaching staff will be able to build learning resources for their students from these learning units Teaching staff will be able to publish their customised units for use by the community

9 Customisable tools Learning units contain interactive tools which are generic and can be used in different learning materials Tools, and the content they display, are customisable by teaching staff Tools and learning materials access maps and data from the EDINA Digimap service in real-time

10 Other features Learning resources include self-assessment exercises The self-assessment exercises are customisable A glossary of commonly used words and phrases will be accessible at any point Based around the IMS Learning Resource Meta-data Information Model [insert link]

11 Learning Content Management System Manages the learning units and resources Enables the construction of customised learning units and resources Allows the lecturer to publish his/her customised units and resources to the community if s/he wishes Will provide search facilities for the units and resources at unit and resource level, and also within the units and resources themselves

12 Virtual Placement Innovative tool to support learning about real-world application of digital geographic information in a work-place context First cut now developed - to be supplemented Available at end of project Subject is visual impact of wind turbines at Nant Carfan development in Wales

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