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James S Reid EDINA Geoservices Nov 2005 York Geoforum The Future of Geoservices.

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1 James S Reid EDINA Geoservices Nov 2005 York Geoforum The Future of Geoservices

2 The Headlines Use of services continues to grow MasterMap is coming (at last) Create metadata online now Promoting data sharing Whatever happened to the geology and marine datasets? OS data direct to your desktop Addendum Future directions & your assistance!

3 Current state of play Digimap (OS) usage summary 2004/05 –16,000 current users,1.7M maps, 84K downloads –50% users undergraduate –Value of downloaded data & printed maps > £15M UKBORDERS summary 2004/05 –Audience for UKBORDERS datasets is the c.30,000 registered users of the census (CRS figures, Sept. 2005) –320+ discrete datasets, 15,000+ downloads per annum –Conservative estimate of commercial value to users c. £1.7M Digimap Historic summary to date (first operational 6 months) –38 subscribing institutions –38K downloads,200K+ maps –Value of downloaded data > £400K Patterns of use changing –Larger geographical areas taken –Greater data volumes –Shift towards more complex datasets Art and Humanities 12% Biological Sciences 4% Economic and Social Science 23% Engineering and Physical Sciences 22 % Geography 19% Information Services 5% Medical Sciences 1% Natural Environment 14%

4 MasterMap is coming! (at last) Timetable Jan 2006 – project kick off –Re-engagement with user community commences to affirm user requirements Autumn 2006 - alpha version available for expert user testing Early 2007 - beta version available to a wider group (early adopters) August 2007 - full release July 2007 – Land-Line withdrawn

5 Go-Geo! metadata creation tool Validates metadata records Exports metadata records into international (ISO 19115) compliant format The tool allows for metadata records to be submitted for quality assurance review and returned to metadata creator Records created can be published on the Go-Geo! Portal or stored locally as part of an internal data management scheme

6 Supporting data sharing Focusing on: Digital rights management (DRM) issues Formal and informal geospatial data sharing models Your Role: EDINA need input from the geographic community (YOU!) on the types of data they would like to make available for others to reuse. What functionality does a system for depositing and extracting geospatial data need to offer the geographic community to be useful? What you get: Opportunity to contribute to research in a new and innovative area Opportunity to shape the focus and outcomes of the project Access to data submitted by peers and colleagues The framework for genuine geospatial data management and reuse within academia an investigative project considering the technical and cultural issues for using repositories to assist in the sharing of derived and created geospatial data []

7 BGS and UKHO (Seazone) – an update First announced at GISRUK Conference in April 2004 Still awaiting final decision on funding from JISC! Provisional timetable BGS – Kickoff Jan 06, available early summer Seazone – Kickoff Sept 06, available easter 07. © British Geological Society © Crown Copyright UKHO

8 Streaming maps to the desktop Screenshot of GIS plugin here EDINA shortly to run a trial in which key datasets from the Digimap Ordnance Survey map collection will be streamed to desktop GIS applications. An opportunity for trial participants to explore an exciting alternative for the delivery of OS datasets. Issues to be explored during the trial include performance and responsiveness required and any impact which a move to this form of delivery may have on how data used. Trial participants needed! 10/25/50K rasters Strategi raster Meridian rasters

9 Addendum Environmental Portal (indicative) - 1930s landuse data (Dudley Stamp) - Potential additional EA data: -Pollution inventories / Landfill sites etc. your views required! AgCensus - Data for years between 1972 and 2001 added - 2004 data available shortly EuroGlobalMap - (Free) Access to data for another 6 months - In discussion with EuroGeoGraphics about additional datasets and full subscription service

10 Future directions Interoperability –data and maps streamed to the desktop –with other service providers *e.g. Census boundaries and census statistics Open source databases and software Open standards, web services, GRID, semantic geoweb –supporting e-Research and e-Learning New types of data –From sensor networks –Virtual data sets –Users as data generators Increased data sharing (warning: legal issues!!!) Continued growth in use of spatial data New sorts of use and users What do you think?

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