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National Training AGCAS E-Induction Linda Byrne ©

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1 National Training AGCAS E-Induction Linda Byrne ©

2 National Training AGCAS E-Induction What is it? Why have we done it? Who is it for? What does it contain? How do users rate it? Underlying principles What did I learn from it? How is it accessed? When is it available? ©

3 National Training Thanks! Becka Currant Christine Tompkinson Steve Hanson Steve Norman Clare Riding Mark Watts Marina Matosic Rose Mortenson Cherry Douglas Irena Jennings Sarah Mallen Suzanne Tucker Julia Mitchell Yasmina Mallam Hassam Joan Cartledge Sharon Bolton Disability Task Group CISG ELSG Age Discrimination Internationalisation ….. plus everyone else who contributed ©

4 National Training What is it? Comprehensive Induction Programme Designed for new AGCAS and HECSU members Providing an induction into their roles in HE careers services Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), –also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) –or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a free web application, easy to use, creating quick, effective online learning sites. ©

5 National Training What is it? Comprises of 8 courses –Introductory course –The HE Sector –Careers Work in HE –Professional Roles in Careers Services –Internationalisation –AGCAS support for HE Careers Services –HECSU/GP support for HE Careers Services –Diversity Plus a jargon buster which is available from all courses ©

6 National Training Why create it? Survey of HOS –New recruits from outside of HE –Approx 350 p.a. –Increase of non traditional roles Needed an induction to HE & Careers Work –Always & immediately available –On own terms –Underpinning not replacing own induction procedures –No expense Successful bid to HECSU ©

7 National Training Who is it for? Primary audience New AGCAS and HECSU members –Academia, Connexions, FE –Trainee career staff with HE experience Secondary audience Members requiring a refresher Members taking on new responsibilities or new job roles ©

8 National Training Content Grew like topsy! ©

9 National Training Notice Board Set up in forum style: Find a buddy Maintenance schedules ©

10 National Training Course style Clear learning outcomes for the course Clear setting out of the modules covered within the course Each module –Learning outcomes for the module –Introductory text –Resources Existing information Specially created information AGCAS web, external websites –Exercises to test understanding All courses –Reflection module –Evaluation module ©

11 National Training Introductory Course Precourse –Using Moodle –Introductory notes –Programme checklist for printing out Introductory course –What is e-learning? –IT skills check –Agreeing the ground rules –Intro to Jargon Buster –Reflection –Evaluation ©

12 National Training The HE Sector Primarily designed for those with no HE experience Facts & Figures about HE How HE differs from other sectors Current issues & initiatives in HE What do graduates do? National reports Reflection Evaluation ©

13 National Training Careers Work in HE Primarily designed for those with HE experience but moving into careers for the first time –Strategic aims and directions of services –Core activities of services –Interacting within the institution –Matrix and the quality agenda –optional modules Working in a customer facing role Making referrals Beginners guide to research –Reflection –Evaluation ©

14 National Training Professional Roles in Careers Services Professional Roles –A day in the life of……….. Information Specialist Employer Liaison Specialist Careers Adviser ©

15 National Training Professional Roles in Careers Services Employer Liaison specialists –DLHE –Legislation –Jobshops –Recruitment agencies Careers Information Specialists –Methods of Information provision –Occupational Classification –CISG Survival Guide –Qualifications & CPD –Other Information specialists in HE ©

16 National Training Professional Roles in Careers Services Careers Advisers –Theory –Careers Education Benchmarking statement –Guidance Skills ©

17 National Training Internationalisation Created with PMI2 funding Sits within the e-induction –Cultural Awareness & Internationalisation –The political context –International students in your institution –Issues faced by International students –A day in the life of an international (careers) adviser –The legal context –How AGCAS can help you ©

18 National Training AGCAS Support What is AGCAS? Whats in it for me? Family and friends Products and Services for members ©

19 National Training HECSU/GP Support Intro to HECSU & GP HECSU membership HECSU provision for AGCAS and Careers Services GP Products and Services ©

20 National Training Diversity Models of disability The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Disability etiquette Age diversity Race and cultural diversity Diversity in practice ©

21 National Training Pilot & Evaluation Piloted on new members very early on –Liked the concept –Younger users immediately faster, but more mature also took to it well –Confirmed that intended materials would be of value to them Piloted on existing members over the last 6 months –Excellent evaluations –Some courses more valued than others –Seen as a benefit to current members looking to change roles within careers or simply as a refresher –Universally welcomed ©

22 National Training Availability Available on the AGCAS website from 1 st August 2009 Send me the names and email addresses for your new employees –I will send them an introductory email and arrange their access the VLE Accessed via the AGCAS web ©

23 National Training Underpinning Principles Wont be time limited Available to all new AGCAS and HECSU members Available to all members once we are sure it can take the strain No reporting back to services what their employees are doing or not doing – up to services to manage their people through it None of the exercises or quiz results are revealed to anyone, including line managers Not to be used as a probationary measure Line manager and colleagues have involvement throughout –Users are frequently asked to refer to Line Manager within usual service meeting structure (groundrules) –Users are frequently advised to chat to their colleagues for their views on the resources (groundrules) ©

24 National Training What I learnt the hard way! General Double (or even triple) the time you expect to spend developing it The project will develop into a full time additional job role for eternity It is never finished Ensure your evaluation and updating is embedded into your normal processes Everyone has amazing ideas! Less general Frequent reminders of Learning Outcomes are required Moodle specific Its almost indestructible! Create as much as possible within the VLE –More easy to access for everyone –More easy to update for the administrator Always copy and paste to notepad not directly into the VLE Always open resources in a new window Moodle works best in Outlook Quizs are a bit clunky ©

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