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Student Proposition Update May Leng Kwok Student Development Manager.

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1 Student Proposition Update May Leng Kwok Student Development Manager

2 Insights gathering Students and centres Interviews with centres prior to centres conference Follow up focus groups and sessions at conference Benchmarking with other professional bodies and institutes Student research conducted by Rekindle Research Student focus groups in England, Ireland and Scotland © CIPD 2012

3 Key findings – centres and students © CIPD 2012 6-8 weeks for certification is too long Renewal period doesn’t work No membership outcome makes it hard to sell Provide CIPD accredited certificate on completion You’re not relevant to international students Don’t understand upgrading or why it’s important Resources good but difficult to find No immediate value, no urgency to join You’re too expensive Clarify the relationship between the qualification and membership We don’t know who you are and what you do Improve the attractiveness of HR as a profession Make more effort to engage with us

4 Proposed student journey AttractEngageDevelop Position HR as an attractive and rewarding career option. Promote CIPD qualifications. Support CIPD centres to attract students on to their programmes. Provide students with study support during their programme. Contribute to their study experience by providing an engaging community they can interact and grow in. Provide ongoing support towards their development and enable them to progress in their careers. Provide clear guidance and support to helping them achieve professional membership. Grow our pipeline Grow our membership Retain our members © CIPD 2012

5 Clearer messaging and signposting on website Clearer web content to: o Explain the qualifications, content, USP and who it’s for o Explain the relationship between the qualification and membership Revamp of the Student Resource area to: o Easier to find study support materials o More dynamic and engaging content o Careers and CPD section Raise the awareness of HR Sponsor HR World on Plotr Attending jobs and careers events Careers a qualification in HR can take you Information on specialisms in HR Case studies of practitioners Attract

6 © CIPD 2012 Changes to the routes to Associate membership From January 31 st 2014 the Associate grade will be achieved by completing a relevant CIPD qualification or an assessment of HR experience via Experience Assessment Students currently studying towards an eligible qualification and completing before the end of January 2014 will initially remain a student member and will be upgraded automatically on January 31 st 2014 to Associate grade Students completing an eligible qualification from January 31 st 2014 will be awarded Associate Membership automatically once results are confirmed CIPD will contact students by December 1 st 2013 with specific details on how this change affects them Detailed Frequently Asked Questions will be available after all workshops Attract

7 © CIPD 2012 Attract CIPD qualifications eligible for automatic award of Associate membership on completion* CIPD qualifications not eligible for automatic award of Associate membership on completion* Advanced Diploma in HRD Advanced Diploma in HRM Advanced Certificate in HR PDS – Diploma PDS - Certificate Award in HR Intermediate Diploma in HRM Intermediate Diploma in HRD Intermediate Certificate in HRM Intermediate Certificate in HRD Award in HR Foundation Diploma in HRP Foundation Diploma in LDP Foundation Certificate in HRP Foundation Certificate in LDP Certificate in Personnel Practice Certificate in Training Practice Award in HRE Award in LDE CERLAP CRS CBAAPS * And equivalent qualifications approved by CIPD

8 Be part of something big © CIPD 2012 Networking events Sharing best practice forums / webinars Conferences / Events Practitioner talks Social Media (LinkedIn) PM jobs board Apprenticeships Mentoring Scheme Business Ready skills Careers workshops CPD activities Prominent Student Area Virtual workshops Webinars Mini Hacks Professional Development Global Network Link to Employers Study Support Accelerate your learning and career prospects Meeting the right people at the right time Find what you need when you need it Every step is clear

9 Discussion groups We would like to get your thoughts on the proposition we are proposing:  Attraction – attracting people into HR, ideas, thoughts  Engagement – how else can we be engaging with students during studies, ideas, thoughts  Develop – what could we do to develop students post studies ideas, thoughts © CIPD 2012

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