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1 SECTION FORCES CHANGE MOTION. 11.1 Reading Study Guide
BIG IDEA Forces change the motion of objects in predictable ways. KEY CONCEPT Forces change motion. Review An object’s velocity is its change in position over time.

2 Take Notes A force is a push or a pull.
1. Fill in the word magnet diagram for force. Balanced forces do not cause a change in the motion of an object. A push or a pull Unbalanced forces change the motion of an object. Types: contact, gravity, friction FORCE

3 Types of Forces Notes Sketch Examples
Fill in the combination notes diagram for three types of forces. Notes Sketch Examples g r a V i t y contact force: a force between two objects in contact with each other gravity: An attractive force; depends on mass and distance. friction Contact force friction friction: the force that opposes or resists the motion of an object.

4 In your notes, circle which type of force is applied by the adult lifting the child in the picture.

5 B. Size and Direction of Forces
What makes force a vector? It has both __________________ and _________________. Make sketches for the following concepts. Use arrows to represent forces. Notes C. Balanced and Unbalanced Forces D. Forces on Moving Objects Sketch Examples

6 Newton’s first law relates force and motion.
Galileo’s Thought Experiment Why did Galileo use a thought experiment instead of working with real objects? ______________________________________________________________________________________ Newton’s First Law How does Newton’s first law tell what will happen to the baseball when hit by the bat? __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________

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