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OneStart Retreat OneStart Retreat 13 August 2003

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1 OneStart Retreat OneStart Retreat 13 August 2003

2 Welcome & overview:  Morning Session Thinking about information and services Overview of the updated OneStart interface and publishing approach  Afternoon Session Subject area teams focus on approaches to OneStart publishing of information and services

3 Objectives for the day  Think about the evolution of services and information for IU’s community of users  Inform and educate regarding OneStart  Discuss UITS strategy for service/information delivery via OneStart

4 Group activity #1 Assume that you are a [student/staff/ faculty/alumnus] per your group’s assignment Identify institutional information that should be easily accessible to you Identify services that should be easily accessible to you  Use the flip charts to list information/services. List as many as possible  Your team has 20 minutes….go

5 Group activity #1 Review

6 Where are we today LibrarySIS OncourseUITS, etc. www  Users must know the path to each silo…one size fits all  Silo’d data/services not integrated…user must consolidate and find related information and services  Redundancies abound, interface inconsistencies, expensive maintenance… it will get worse. Services: Data:

7 What is UITS’ strategy for delivery of info/services? Distributed service/content publishing by the owners of those services/data Persistent authentication, single sign-on Customization via choice, roles, membership A place for presenting my data (e.g., integrated calendar) rather than paths to data sources Delegation (think Tivo™) Early examples show the way:

8 An example A user’s information reports to him/her. Disparate, unplanned integration. Not just paths to other systems or services, but consolidated, relevant information. Subscriptions Automatic groups Delegation A reasonable objective for IU?

9 OneStart to IU services and information LibrarySISOncourseUITS Portal Authentication Customization Workflow Delegation Services: Data:

10 Post-PC future of mobile computing Portal Services connect to the Portal and the Portal connects to the evolving plethora of wireless, mobile computing devices headed to campus. Connecting each service is infeasible.

11 OneStart Demonstration and Dialogue

12 Role-based customization OneStart presents tailored information and services based on a user’s role(s) Student Faculty Staff Alumni

13 A few terms…  Tab Invokes a page [and optionally a collection of subtabs]  Subtab Invokes a focus page (a single full width channel)  Page Is a collection of channels (or a single focus page)  Channel Is information or a web-based service  Role Is derived from membership in a GDS group (from PeopleSoft) and it enables/restricts access to tabs


15 Tabbed interface & subtabs  ITSP ACTION 37: “UITS, working with the users of IU's administrative systems, should develop a common interface environment that will support the efficient and effective accomplishment of the day-to- day administrative tasks of the University.” “These [faculty, staff, students, service providers] … groups need and will benefit most from consistent and integrated access to the applications, data, and systems…. This common interface environment should be implemented across all commonly used desktop computing platforms and operating systems.

16 Persistent navigation bar  Navigate among services and still retain navigation among tabs  User attention fluidly shifts between focused activity that needs a large screen space »Focus Page monitoring/checking activity that can be integrated »[Channel] Page

17 Immutables bar Persistent Items  Action Items List Workflow indicator for the Eden Workflow Engine  Search Field Immediate access to Google, IU, KB searches  Role Selector Student, faculty, staff, alumni

18 Workflow: Eden’s Action List True workflow…moving documents/ transactions from initiation to completion A single place for all IU action requests Assignable routing paths with status tracking Automates IU’s business rules Direct access to the data/service for action (not a menu) Digital signatures on transactions “Stop the paper/email insanity” »More to follow….as Eden evolves beyond HR/ERA »Email alerts of Action Items are optional

19 Community services  Calendar Integrated calendar »Oncourse, Exchange, IU Events, etc.  Threaded Discussion Generic threaded discussion tool  Classified Ads

20 Personalization Users can change the portal for the way they work Subscribe/unsubscribe to channels and alerts Set application parameters – activity and report parameters, stocks, dates, e-mail and chat defaults….etc. Format portal page – colors, fonts, columns, … Create/edit profiles Add/remove links

21 Co-Branding A future release will support a co- branding concept for Role/Group owners

22 Publishing a channel Channels are the basic building blocks Service »Find a book, check a waitlist, pay for tickets Information »An integrated calendar, class announcements, HR benefits signup deadlines, CNN headlines Publishing requires »A URL, title, height in pixels (50-500 pixels)

23 Adding a channel to a page  Drag and drop publishing Filtered by role and GDS groups Managed by role owners or via user personalization

24 Publishing a focus page as a subtab  A focus page can be an existing service/website...but…  It can be leaner as OneStart provides navigation and other formerly silo’d services

25 Publishing example  Create a tab for students who are members of any IUB fraternity or sorority Channel page should include ?, ?, ? Subtabs should include ?, ?, ?  Create a tab for students who are members of the Gamma Gamma Moo fraternity Channel page should include ?, ?, ?

26 Group activity #2 Delivering IU services and information via OneStart  Work in small groups to discuss near- and longer-term opportunities for using OneStart  Which information/services would users value most? How could those services/info be represented as channel or focus page?

27 Wrap-up Session Timeline Communication plan Open Issues? Questions?

28 Timeline OCT JAN 04 Oncourse Dashboard Channel Migrate to Linux - Open Source Prep Tabbed Interface Discussion Forums/ Threaded Messaging 1.0 Student Self Service (SIS) OKI-based Services Webmail CAS Authenticated Mobile Channels Standards/ Services FUTURE Polling 1.0 Instant Messaging Chat 1.0 Appoint OneStart Steering Committees IT Support Services Channels Calendar 1.1 Integrated Course Schedule/Events- Mtg. Requests Between Calendar Users Calendar 1.1 Integrated Course Schedule/Event s- Mtg. Requests Between Calendar Users

29 Communication plan  Communication Task Force Charged Develop a coordinated and integrated plan for communication about OneStart for students, faculty and staff on all IU campuses. Timeline set for late Oct/early Nov - prior to Jan SIS activity Target content publishers early

30 OneStart Retreat OneStart Retreat 13 August 2003

31 Additional Backup Slides Reference only as needed during a discussion

32 Application Development Guiding Principles 1.Standards: IU will enhance our opportunities for code mobility among universities by architecting on a common layer of OKI services (OSIDs) as our baseline infrastructure for new IU applications. The complementary data standards will be based on IMS specifications (or other applicable data standards groups) whenever applicable. J2EE, AIX/Linux, and Oracle are the standards for enterprise-scale application development. 2. Sourcing: For in-house developed systems, whenever possible, IU will participate in open source approaches – both importing existing solutions and exporting IU solutions. IU will partner with like- minded institutions whenever goals and resources align to share costs.

33 Application Development Guiding Principles (cont.) 3.Delivery: IU will focus on personalized delivery of information services and activities via the OneStart Portal through an unbundled, Web services approach to application development. 4.Leverage: IU will aggressively seek efficiencies in consolidation of redundant application services whenever feasible.


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