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Customer Forum OTech’s New Web Publishing Service Web Services Section – April 29, 2015.

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1 Customer Forum OTech’s New Web Publishing Service Web Services Section – April 29, 2015

2 Agenda 1.Introductions 2.CA Web Publishing Overview 3.Value 4.Features 5.Future Features 6.Service Roll Out Plan 7.Onboarding Process 8.Questions 9.Closing Remarks 2

3 Introductions Welcome to the Customer Forum for CA Web 3

4 CA Web Publishing Overview An OTech hosted and managed software service – A subscription service 4 The service is delivered by utilizing a partner and an architected selection of modern Web technologies:

5 Value A Major CMS Project vs A Subscription Service

6 Value of Doing Your Own Project? CMS projects are time consuming and costly 6

7 Value of Doing Your Own Project? A State CMS Project: – FSR development and approval – Requirements development: functionality, process, security, technical, etc. – Evaluating the “right fit” product among many commercial and open source products – State procurement process – Infrastructure implementation, software installation and configuration, training, etc. – Information architecture and custom development – Testing, testing, testing….. 7

8 Value: A Subscription Service! CA Web Publishing is a Subscription Service 8 1. Sign up 2. Be trained 3. Migrate content 4. Start using it

9 A CMS Service Tailored to State of California Requirements: State Template Integration Automatic State Template Upgrades – No more template migration project efforts! Compliant with Section 508 Accessibility Standards 9 Value: Designed for California Gov

10 Value: Pre-Templated Content Types Contact Information Events Exams Executive Banners Executive Profiles FAQs Gallery Jobs Locations News Publications 10 Additional Value: Semantic Integration!

11 Value: Technology Support A CMS Service that is Managed by OTech and Hosted at the OTech Data Center: 24/7 Service Desk Support Configuration Management of all upgrades Enterprise Security – Secure access management, regular security scans, backup & recovery Tier III Data Center Architecture – Virtualized & redundant, fail-over power supply & load-balanced 11

12 Value: Redundancy & Failover Authoring Environment 12 Website Environment

13 Features Features of CA Web Publishing 13

14 Features: Web Enabled Service Access and Update Your Website from Anywhere – No specialized software needed to update content – Edit anytime and access using a web browser 14

15 Features: Inline Editing WYSIWYG Simple Interface – No technical knowledge needed – Preview how your content looks in the web page prior to publishing 15

16 Features: Media Library Integrated media library for your documents and images – Viewable with shadow box display effects 16

17 Features: Page Templates 17

18 Features: Responsive Design Fully Integrates Modern Web Technologies: 1. Responsive Design Architecture Based on Bootstrap 18

19 Features: Semantic Markup Fully Integrates Modern Web Technologies : 2. Automatically Applies Semantic Markup – Enables enhanced search results 19

20 Features: Social Media Robust Content Publishing Capabilities: 1. Social Media Feed Integration 20

21 Features: Dynamic Reuse Robust Content Publishing Capabilities: 2. Supports Content Tagging and Dynamic Reuse 21 wearable service drought

22 Features: Feed Enabled Robust Content Publishing Capabilities: 3. Enables Content Subscription Channels for: – news, events, etc. 22

23 Features: Content Scheduling Robust Content Publishing Capabilities: 4. Version Control and Content Scheduling 23 Ver A Ver B Ver C

24 Features: Role Based Access Role Based Access with Review & Approval Workflow: Note: For large sites, Authors and Editors can be assigned to specific “business areas” 24 Author: 1.Write Content 2.Upload Media Note: subject to review and approval workflow Editor: 1.Write Content 2.Upload Media Site Admin: 1.Write Content 2.Upload Media 3.Review and Approve for Publishing 4.Administer: Users Menu Navigation Site Look & Feel

25 Features: Search & Analytics Integrated Google Search & Analytics 25

26 Features: Publisher Dashboard Publisher Dashboard 26 Note: A mockup wireframe design Analytics Dashboard

27 Future Features Future Features of CA Web Publishing 27

28 Future Features: Faceted Search 28 Ability to focus on only one or two facets of the full search result Note: The way you tag your content would also enhance this capability on your site. Example: Linkedin

29 Future Features: Digital Marketing Digital Marketing System Example: A/B Testing with new “Online Filing” app 29 (A) Message: File Online! (B) Message: Fast & Easy File! (A) Message: File Online! (B) Message: Fast & Easy File! 78% 90% 22% 10%

30 Future Features: Shared Authorship Delegated Authorship of Highlighted Content on 30

31 Future Features: Personalization My “State” Profile for Personalized Services 31 Example Only

32 Roll Out Plan for the Service Pilot First Phase Future Releases 32

33 Typical Onboarding Process 33 Service Request Planning Meeting Site Assessment Site Assessment Review Meeting Customer Decision Requirements Questionnaire Content Analysis Training Website Migration

34 For More Information FAQs Brochure Service Catalog - Marketing Site - Email - 34

35 Questions ? And Answers 35

36 Closing Remarks For others that missed this presentation, it will be presented again on May 6 th at the OTech Training Center at 10am (also as a Webinar) Upcoming Web Business Performance Management Seminar coming up (TBD) 36

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