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The family A group of people related by blood marriage or adoption © PDST Home Economics.

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1 The family A group of people related by blood marriage or adoption © PDST Home Economics

2 Types of family Nuclear: parents and children Lone parent: one parent and children Extended: Parents children and others e.g. grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins etc.. Blended: family consisting of partners with children from previous relationships

3 Functions of the family To provide the physical needs of the family e.g. food, clothing, shelter, protection from danger. To provide the emotional needs of the family e.g. love, security. To help the development of family members e.g. socialisation, life skills.

4 Rights & Responsibility A right is something to which we are entitled A responsibility is something for which we are answerable

5 Rights of Children (under 18) Love and understanding To grow up in the care of their family Education until 16 Protection from cruelty and neglect

6 Rights of Adults ( 0ver 18) To work To vote Consumer rights To sign legal documents To marry

7 Responsibilities of children To show respect to others. To obey parents and people in authority To learn how to behave in their society

8 Responsibility of Adolescents To respect themselves and others To co-operate at home To participate in school To behave properly in their society

9 Responsible teenagers Are good role models for younger children Have a good relationship with siblings, parents and grandparents. Have a good influence on peers

10 Roles A role is a ways were are expected to behave in life. Every person has different roles to play at different times. Eg daughter, sister, friend, student, girlfriend, club athlete.

11 Parent’s Role Reproducing/adopting/fostering and caring for children. Providing financially for children Providing education for children until 16 In the past fathers earned money, mothers cared for children. Now these roles have changed

12 Children’s role Behave in a way normal for their age. Teenagers expected to be more responsible and independent. The influence of peers is stronger which can cause tension between teenagers and their parents Good communication between teenagers and parents can solve this problem

13 Gender Roles Gender means being male and female Males and females are expected to act differently They learn this from observing the males and females around them Equal treatment of males and females is called gender equality

14 Stereotyping Means seeing things or people in a set or fixed way. Examples: All mechanics are men All black people can sing All nurses are women

15 Social norms An acceptable way of behaving in society. People are expected to behave in a responsible so that conflict in society is avoided.

16 Relationships An interaction between people Our first relationships are within our own family If we have good relationships within our family we find it easier to form relationships outside the family

17 Relationships Ideally relationship between parents is close, loving, equal and respectful, sharing the responsibility for the family. Relationships between parents and children should be loving, secure and respectful. It is a parents responsibility to discipline children. Relationships between siblings should be close and caring, they should be treated equally by their parents.

18 Communication How we relate to one another. Involves body language, speaking and listening When we first meet someone we create an impression by how we look and communicate. Don’t always your first impression, get to know people.

19 Listening A skill Good communicators: Speak clearly Listen carefully Look people in the eye

20 Conflict Everyone has disagreements with other people from time to time. Conflict can only be solved by communicating with the other person or people.

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