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W e l c o m e. WORKPLACE EQUALITY INDEX 2007 Preliminary results 8 November 2006 Stephen Frost Paul Barlow.

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1 W e l c o m e

2 WORKPLACE EQUALITY INDEX 2007 Preliminary results 8 November 2006 Stephen Frost Paul Barlow

3 Workplace Equality Index now in year two of three year structure allowing organisations to improve scores year on year Integral part of Stonewalls workplace programmes where we offer solutions as well as challenges WORKPLACE EQUALITY INDEX 2007

4 METHODOLOGY Any organisation can access survey online and 201 organisations returned questionnaires (up from 164 last year) 172 DCs submitted in 2007, up from 107 in 2006 98 DCs submitted in both 2006 and 2007 Questionnaires returned by 29 September with full evidence – additional evidence still coming in Three rounds of internal checking by Stonewall workplace team Follow-up consultant checks and visits now underway to 30 highest scoring organisations Second Stonewall Workplace Equality Index published 10 January 2007 – top 100 organisations invited to launch

5 Health warning – these results are not final and can change RESULTS


7 1Written policy barring discrimination based on, and using words referring to, sexual orientation promoted to all staff in the UK 20062007 Non DCs95%96% DCs100%99% DCs in both Indexes100%100% RESULTS:Part one

8 FOR EXAMPLE Sexual Orientation Policy statement: Nacro recognises that lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transsexuals can face discrimination and harassment in employment and in society generally. Nacro will ensure that lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transsexuals will have equal opportunities in recruitment, promotion and training and will be entitled to the same benefits as co-workers. Nacro

9 2 Working group or diversity team covering the UK that includes lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) issues 20062007 Non DCs89%89% DCs97%97% DCs in both Indexes97%100% RESULTS:Part one

10 FOR EXAMPLE Lloyds TSB has a senior level working group on Diversity Issues that covers LGB issues, and also has a specific workstream on sexual orientation building on research carried out in 2005. Information is on their intranet and progress reported in the staff magazine alongside stories on key events such as the establishment of civil partnerships highlighting two same sex couples within the company. Lloyds TSB

11 3 Diversity lead person for LGB issues in the UK at Board/CEO level 20062007 Non DCs44%50% DCs66%70% DCs in both Indexes68%85% RESULTS:Part one

12 FOR EXAMPLE The Mayor of London is the diversity lead at the Greater London Authority. The Mayor is advised and supported by two policy directors (Equalities and Policing, Public Affairs and Transport). Both directors are members of the Mayors Management Board. GLA

13 4Audited policies and procedures to ensure compliance with legislation Civil PartnershipGFS 20062007 Non DCs12% 36% DCs50% 45% DCs in both Indexes53% 57% RESULTS:Part one

14 FOR EXAMPLE Sheffield City Council undertakes Equality Impact Assessments on all services and projects on a regular basis. This process doesnt provide all the answers but ensures equality, and this includes sexual orientation – its considered a core part of service or project planning. Sheffield City Council

15 RESULTS:Part one 5No successful employment tribunal hearing that included a complaint on the basis of sexual orientation in the last 12 months in the UK None of the organisations in the top 100 had a complaint upheld in the last 12 months – but other organisations have…

16 FOR EXAMPLE Majrowski v Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust William Majrowski, a gay audit coordinator, claimed damages for homophobic bullying and harassment. Commenting on the case Nick Hanning of solicitors Reynolds Williams who represented Mr. Majrowski said employers must address problems at the root by…awareness raising or encouraging an open culture of communication so that the situation does not arise.

17 RESULTS: Part one

18 6Automatic survivor pension entitlement to same-sex partners of employees in the UK? 20062007 Non DCs26%61% DCs67%63% DCs in both Indexes67%78% RESULTS:Part two

19 FOR EXAMPLE The range of persons to whom a dependants pension could be paid might include any individual with whom the BTPS contributing member has an established interdependent relationship. This may include a relationship with a member of the same sex. BT

20 7Equality of benefits offered to married straight couples and same-sex partners in the UK now 20062007 Non DCs84%89% DCs92%98% DCs in both Indexes92%100% RESULTS:Part two

21 FOR EXAMPLE All of the policies mentioned were revised in 2003 to ensure that they apply to those in same-sex relationships. We do not make any distinction between married, civil partners, unmarried opposite-sex or unregistered same- sex partners. Accenture

22 RESULTS: Part two

23 8Officially recognised LGB employee network group based in the UK 20062007 Non DCs37%46% DCs74%67% DCs in both Indexes76%86% RESULTS:Part three

24 FOR EXAMPLE West Midlands Police have a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Staff Forum which held a successful conference - Right from the Inside - for LGBT staff and others with a range of workshops and speakers such as the Assistant Chief Constable, Prof. Sir Ronald DeWitt of the Department for Constitutional Affairs and Jan Berry, Chair of the Police Federation. West Midlands Police

25 9Officially recognised LGB employee network group routinely involved in discussions on employment rights, benefits and developments in the UK 20062007 Non DCs25%36% DCs59%58% DCs in both Indexes60%81% RESULTS:Part three

26 FOR EXAMPLE In Merrill Lynch the LGBT professional Network is routinely involved in discussions on employment rights, benefits and developments in the company, ensured by the representation of the senior sponsor for the network on the Diversity and Inclusion Panel and involvement of LGBT staff on departmental diversity councils. Merrill Lynch

27 10Engaging with LGB staff on sexual orientation issues in the UK in at least three ways eg posters/leaflets, intranet pages, diversity emails, diversity LGB meetings 20062007 Non DCs23%36% DCs56% 53% DCs in both Indexes59%67% RESULTS:Part three


29 RESULTS: Part three

30 11Completed compulsory diversity awareness training that specifically mentions or refers to sexual orientation for all levels 20062007 Non DCs9%32% DCs18%29% DCs in both Indexes17%34% RESULTS:Part four

31 FOR EXAMPLE Dignity At Work is compulsory for every employee. This training programme covers the importance of treating all our colleagues with dignity and respect and complying with the policies at Credit Suisse. The session also aims to increase awareness of cultural differences, covering issues such as race, sexual orientation and disability. Credit Suisse

32 12Support offered to LGB staff in the UK (other than an LGB staff group) in at least 3 ways eg mentoring, LGB leadership training, counselling 20062007 Non DCs9% 11% DCs23% 33% DCs in both Indexes26% 47% RESULTS:Part four

33 FOR EXAMPLE Citigroup have a successful lesbian, gay and bisexual mentor programme co-ordinated by their LGB staff network Pride aimed at a range of skills/knowledge areas including coaching for success, emotional intelligence, leadership/people management, managing priorities (work/life balance), and political savvy/networking. Participants complete a detailed questionnaire before joining the scheme. Citigroup

34 RESULTS: Part four

35 RESULTS:Part five 13Monitor UK staff sexual orientation at all stages (two or more stages) 2006 2007 Non DCs2% (11%)4% (21%) DCs4% (19%)15% (36%) DCs in both Indexes3% (17%)19% (36%)

36 FOR EXAMPLE Greater Manchester Police made a commitment to monitor on sexual orientation alongside other categories back in 2004 and now monitor all strands of diversity at the point of police officer recruitment, applications for specialist posts, applications to have or be a mentor, to be an equal opportunities advisor and on leaving the organisation. Greater Manchester Police

37 14Monitor UK staff sexual orientation at all grades 20062007 Non DCs26%36% DCs24%32% DCs in both Indexes23%35% RESULTS:Part five

38 FOR EXAMPLE Our diversity monitoring is completed by our employees themselves, online, through the My Profile intranet tool. We have now added a new data field for people to answer the question - What is you sexual orientation? The possible responses are: bisexual, gay man, gay woman/lesbian, heterosexual/straight, other (please fill in), prefer not to say. KPMG

39 15Regular comprehensive UK staff attitude survey that specifically asks about sexual orientation 20062007 Non DCs16%29% DCs41%41% DCs in both Indexes41%48% RESULTS:Part five

40 FOR EXAMPLE Staffordshire Police conducts a secure online Staff Perception Survey every two years. Staff complete the survey anonymously, and the question on sexual orientation is optional. To examine the state of the working environment, and the ways in which it may impact on the performance of LGB staff. Staffordshire Police

41 RESULTS: Part five

42 16Ask that UK suppliers and contractors fully comply with policies against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation (and monitor this) 2006 2007 Non DCs61% (18%) 57% (18%) DCs68% (19%) 74% (33%) DCs in both Indexes67% (19%) 77% (37%) RESULTS:Part six

43 FOR EXAMPLE IBM asks its suppliers to comply with its diversity policies on sexual orientation and monitors this. IBM also has a history of promoting supplier diversity and compliance going back to 1968. Its program expands purchasing opportunities for businesses owned and operated by minorities, women, gay and lesbian people and other groups. IBM invests significantly in its supplier diversity initiatives each year. IBM

44 RESULTS: Part six

45 17Recruit staff or advertise products or services in any UK LGB media (magazine, newspaper, website) 20062007 Non DCs18%18% DCs36%52% DCs in both Indexes39%63% RESULTS:Part seven

46 FOR EXAMPLE The Royal Navy

47 18Sponsored, or otherwise supported, a UK LGB community organisation or event 20062007 Non DCs33%61% DCs70%69% DCs in both Indexes70%81% RESULTS:Part seven

48 FOR EXAMPLE Barclays sponsor a range of LGB organisations and events but are taking this a step further by examining how their extensive mainstream sponsorship of sports events can be used as leverage to encourage sports organisations to become more sensitive to diversity issues in general and sexual orientation in particular. Barclays

49 RESULTS: Part seven

50 19Openly lesbian, gay or bisexual members on UK board of directors/senior management team 20062007 Non DCs30%36% DCs34%37% DCs in both Indexes36%41% RESULTS:Part eight

51 FOR EXAMPLE Mike Hoban – one of the top 20 most senior managers Kirsten Hearn – one out of 12 board members Lloyds TSB TfL

52 RESULTS: Part eight

53 20Supporting information RESULTS:Part nine

54 FOR EXAMPLE Manchester City Council undertake a range of consultation activities with the lesbian, gay and bisexual community and built on their Lesbian and Gay Discussion Day in 2005 with a detailed report back to the community on the progress made. The program is led by two councillors who have responsibility for fronting lesbian and gay issues and is supported by officers from the councils Service Improvement and Inclusion Team. Manchester City Council


56 PRELIMINARY FINDINGS: DIGGING DEEPER –Investment banks (9 orgs) 74% Highest score 79, lowest score 61 –Local Authorities and Agencies (39 orgs) 64% Highest score 93, lowest 36 –Fire (9 orgs) 52% Highest score 81, lowest 32

57 PRELIMINARY FINDINGS: STRENGTHS The overall standard is significantly higher than last year Significant improvements in number of DCs with employee networks and that are monitoring Two thirds of Diversity Champions that took part in both 2006 and 2007 now advertise in the pink media

58 PRIORITIES FOR 2007 Employee engagement Training, development and support Monitoring

59 WORKPLACE EQUALITY INDEX 2008 You know the parameters already - choose your priorities to align with organisation goals Start now - any organisation can access survey online at Well trail future questions (unscored) so you can see where were heading Questionnaires + full evidence due early Sep 2007


61 WORKPLACE EQUALITY INDEX 2007 10 January 2007

62 people perform better when they can be themselves

63 people perform better when they can be themselves

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