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Transport for London Supplier Diversity Stonewall Presentation Clive Saunders Equality & Inclusion Delivery Manager Group Services.

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1 Transport for London Supplier Diversity Stonewall Presentation Clive Saunders Equality & Inclusion Delivery Manager Group Services

2 Background London – a diverse city
Women constitute more than half the population (50.5%) Disabled people make up about 20% of London’s population In 2006 BAME made up 33% of London’ Population Age diversity is a major feature 14 faiths are represented in the capital It is estimated that up to 10% of the LGBT population live in London High level commitment and leadership Recognition that supplier diversity is is good for business It is a legislative imperative Group Services

3 TfL’s Values TfL has four values:
Leadership Operational Excellence Humanity Service These are built into the core competencies for all TfL staff Equality and diversity is a core competence for all staff Leadership Bold Accountable demanding Operational Excellence Integrated Self-disciplined Direct Humanity Fair Consistent Service Customer driven Active Honest Group Services

4 TfL’s vision and priorities
TfL's vision is to create a “A world class transport system that delivers the safe, reliable and efficient movement of people and goods that enhances London's economy, environment and social inclusion” (T2025) The key strategic objectives identified to deliver the vision are: Supporting economic development Improving social inclusion Tackling climate change T2025 Group Services

5 Key drivers for supplier diversity
UK Sustainable Procurement Strategy High level commitment and leadership GLA Group Responsible Procurement Policy TfL – Supplier Diversity Framework Legislative base LDA Procurement Development programme Group Services 5

6 TfL’s approach to supplier diversity
Supplier diversity sits under the banner of responsible procurement within TfL TfL’s framework for supplier diversity covers four key areas that suppliers bidding for a contract are required to address: Equality Policy (Strategic Plan) Diversity Training Plan Supplier Diversity Plan Communications Plan Sexual orientation is one of the six key areas covered by our approach GLA Act 1999 Wider legislative developments Leadership commitment Procuring the Future – UK Government’s Sustainable Procurement Strategy The GLA Group Responsible Procurement Policy covers seven key themes; these are: Encouraging a diverse base of suppliers Promoting fair employment practices (through the London Living Wage) Promoting workforce welfare Meeting strategic labour needs and enabling training opportunities Promoting community benefits Encouraging ethical sourcing practices Promoting greater environmental sustainability Group Services

7 Equality Policy (Strategic Plan)
Suppliers are required to prepare and submit to TfL a strategic plan for their organisations. This should cover: Equality Policy Arrangements for monitoring and reviewing policy and its effectiveness Steps taken to ensure suppliers apply similar policy Alignment to legislation and codes of practice Recruitment policies, procedures and practices Arrangements with employment agencies etc. Harassment and bullying policy and practice Group Services

8 Diversity Training Plan
The plan should: Set out the strategy and actions to be taken to ensure employees and contractors are trained in and understand equality and diversity issues Sets out the training/learning and development that will be offered, to whom and when Ensures sufficient resource and skill exists to develop required level of competence to deliver policy Consider the training of local people and offering of work experience to those in education Group Services

9 Supplier Diversity Plan
This is a plan that explains how the supplier will optimise supplier diversity and the participation of diverse suppliers in the supply chain. It should include: Awareness of the diverse suppliers available to undertake the relevant work Plan for how subcontractors will provide supplier diversity data A commitment to conduct activity that will ensure diverse supplier involvement in works Conduct of equality impact assessments on contracting arrangements Identifying and engaging local suppliers Ensuring diverse subcontractors are aware of opportunities Group Services

10 Communications Plan Group Services
This is a plan which outlines the suppliers approach to managing internal and external relations and communications with local communities and relevant stakeholders It should consider: Proposed communication channels Consultation with different community sectors How feedback to local communities will be managed Resources to be utilised to implement the plan Methods for measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of communication activity Group Services

11 Key elements of a SMART plan
Equality and diversity objective – what is the supplier seeking to achieve What progress has been made to date (baseline position) Action/task – what action is the supplier going to do to ensure that objectives are met When will this action happen – it is not enough to say that actions are ongoing Person responsible – who will be responsible for this action Resource - the resources (in whatever form) needed to take action and deliver outcome Measure of success (outcome/KPI’s) – what will success look like Group Services

12 How is the process applied?
Suppliers are provided with the E&D framework encapsulating the points made earlier in this presentation Suppliers develop their action plan and submit Suppliers submit action plan which is assessed on a pass/fail basis Action plan becomes a part of the contract with successful bidder Once supplier is selected Performance is reviewed on a regular basis as a part of contract management arrangements There is at least annual review of performance Support is available for suppliers throughout the process Group Services 12

13 Progress to date Supplier diversity has been integrated into contracts valued at over £2 billion to date The agenda has been spreading nationally Our suppliers are themselves becoming leaders Group Services

14 Obstacles and challenges
We have not found a single supplier that have refused to participate in our approach However there have been obstacles and challenges such as: Suppliers who agree but are reluctant to commit to concrete action Getting suppliers to monitor sexual orientation and faith/belief Getting commitment to real outcomes rather than more process Group Services

15 The future A continued commitment to the agenda from TfL
Continuing the roll out of the programme to new contracts More legislative pressure for change Development of more systematic measures of excellence Group Services

16 Questions and close Group Services

17 Contact Clive Saunders Group Services E&I Delivery Manager
Tel Group Services

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